The proposal that motorbikes must turn on their lights during the day received many mixed opinions

The Ministry of Transport is collecting comments on the draft Road Law, with many proposals related to motorbikes and motorbikes. In particular, it is proposed that motorbikes must turn on identification lights when participating in traffic, even during the day, according to the 1968 convention on road signs, of which Vietnam is a member.

Many people said that with the amount of vehicles in our country, along with frequent traffic jams, turning on car lights even during the day will cause a huge source of heat from thousands of light bulbs. Not to mention the amount of fuel consumed and the cost of maintaining and repairing the lighting system will increase people’s daily expenses.

“Walking on the road, the light reflects into your eyes, of course it is uncomfortable and looks very bright. Only countries with fog need to turn on daytime lights, but if we turn on daytime lights, it doesn’t get anything.”

“If you drive with the daytime lights on, it will shine on other people very unpleasantly. I drive a lot, turning on the lights during the day consumes a lot of electricity from the battery.”

“I don’t support that. The weather in Vietnam is so sunny that turning on the lights doesn’t make any sense. There’s more than enough light for traffic so there’s no need for lights.”

However, there are also opinions that agree with the Ministry of Transport’s proposal to turn on motorbike lights during the day when traveling. Because when traveling in tunnels, alleys, or hidden roads with many bends, traffic participants will look at vehicle lights to identify the vehicle opposite, thereby avoiding the need to honk the car horn, causing noise pollution. .

Mr. Hai Dang, residing in Dong Da said: “I agree with the proposal that motorbikes have to turn on their daytime lights because when entering alleys or corners, there is less need to honk, and the person on the opposite side will pay more attention to their lights, even when crossing the street, pedestrians will avoid them. It’s better to avoid yourself.”

After nearly 3 years, the regulation that motorbikes must turn on identification lights when participating in traffic was re-proposed, although it previously caused mixed reactions from public opinion. Currently, motorbikes are the main means of transportation for people.

In the Asean region, only three countries, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, have not yet implemented regulations on daytime identification lights for motorbikes. It is known that most countries in Europe are applying daytime vehicle lights to participate in traffic. Vietnam joined the International Convention on Traffic in 2014 and committed to fully implementing the contents of the International Convention.

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