The new Suzuki XL7 color scheme looks more fierce, expected to return to Vietnam soon while people are still in love

With the two main sources of goods for the Suzuki XL7 model in the Vietnamese market being from Thailand and Indonesia, the newly launched color model is expected to be brought to Vietnam soon. XL7 is a rare Suzuki model that is being chosen by many.

Suzuki representative introduced the new XL7 with a new color scheme.

At the Bangkok International Motor Show, which took place for nearly 2 weeks starting from March 23, Suzuki introduced the best-selling model, XL7 Multi-Dynamic Crossover, with a new color mixed between 2 classic colors. Typically red and black.

The new Suzuki XL7 has a highlight on the roof painted glossy black along with fenders, rearview mirrors and front bumper of the same color, surrounded by a red body, creating a new attraction for the model.

In addition, to improve the appeal of this model, Suzuki also added a black grille mixed with chrome plating, 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, vertical taillights, both headlight and taillight clusters are equipped. LED, along with roof rails for added luggage carrying convenience for the family.

All of these changes, according to Suzuki, are to create a more fierce appearance for this 7-seat family model.

The starting price of the new Suzuki XL7 color in Thailand starts from 789,000 baht, equivalent to nearly 550 million VND. In addition to red – black, XL7 is also white – black with a similar color scheme and an additional selling price equivalent to 7-10 million VND.

Suzuki XL7 orange – black color combination is available in Vietnam and is a Sport Limited version.

Suzuki X7 snow white – black color combination.

10-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

XL7 is a rare Suzuki model that many people choose to buy. Most of the remaining Suzuki models are regularly present in VAMA’s monthly list of unsold cars.

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