The junior version of the Ford Ranger is about to have a high-performance version, with an estimated price equivalent to the Kia Seltos

From information in the form of rumors, the Ford Maverick ST version will soon be introduced to high-performance car enthusiasts.

Not long ago, a test version of the Ford Maverick ST version of the pickup truck suddenly appeared in the North American market. Previously, information about this ST variant was only in the form of rumors without accurate confirmation.


In more detail, this small pickup model was spotted appearing at Ford’s private test track with the most easily encountered detail being the rear bumper with twin exhaust pipes that are different from the standard version. If you look closely, you can see a new cooler behind the radiator, promising stronger performance.

In addition, the wheel arches are also camouflaged, implying that there are new upgrades in this area, helping the car’s shape become stronger and wider to accommodate large, large-sized wheels to match the performance. new capacity or specialized for off-road use.


In fact, rumors surrounding the ST high-performance version of the Ford Maverick originated in August 2021 when a reliable local news site confirmed that Ford was visiting the market before giving the green light to this project. . In addition to the ST version, the Ford Maverick is expected to have a light off-road version Rattler similar to the elder F-150 with improved ground clearance, the chassis will be reinforced with protective panels, improved Improve the engine with special off-road parts around the car.


Ford Maverick is one of the first pickup lines to use a monocoque chassis with a starting price of 460 million VND in the US market and the performance ST version will have an average price of about 690 million VND.

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