Taxi and service operators are about to have a new option, class C cars but with an expected price of just over 300 million

Although there is no confirmed information yet, sales consultants say that in the near future MG will bring back a super cheap MG 5 version and this car model has now completed registration procedures.

Recently, MG sales consultants are inviting deposits for the MG 5 MT model with an expected price of just over 300 million VND. In addition, there will also be 2 new models including HS and RX 5. MG 5 MT has now completed the registration procedures and is just waiting for the day it rolls off the road.


However, with the cheap price as given above, the MG5 MT is somewhat different from the exterior to the interior compared to the MG 5 version being sold at the present time. According to the revealed images, this MG 5 MT belongs to the old version, launched in China since 2020.

It is possible that the MG 5 MT will have 2 different versions when sold in the Vietnamese market, this is shown by the wheels appearing in the revealed images. Accordingly, there will be a version using simple 5-spoke dual-spoke wheels and a more advanced version with 2 sporty color combinations.


The exterior of the MG 5 Mt is classic with a somewhat boxy design. According to the photo, we can see that the car is equipped quite basically with Halogen headlights, decorative chrome trim, fake fog light sockets, and taillights. connected together by a chrome bar and a small spoiler integrated on the trunk.

The interior space of the MG 5 MT is also somewhat basic with a D-Cut steering wheel with integrated function keys, an analog clock combined with a multi-information screen, a central screen of about 8 inches, mechanically adjustable felt seats, unknown. Does the car have any other equipment?


In terms of operation, the MG 5 MT is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a capacity of 112 horsepower, 150 Nm combined with a 5-speed manual transmission with front-wheel drive system and comes with safety equipment. It’s completely different only at a basic level.

Most of the equipment on the MG 5 MT is just enough to use, so it’s not too strange that the car has an estimated price of just over 300 million VND. However, only having a manual transmission can be a disadvantage because of the current trend of users preferring automatic transmission cars, including service car drivers that can be combined with self-driving rentals.

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