Take a look at the series of high-capacity urban cars about to be introduced in the Vietnamese market

The high-clearance car segment is on a strong growth trajectory with many car models preparing to launch in the Vietnamese market.

First, in the urban high-clearance car segment, the Toyota Yaris Cross 2023 is preparing to join the battle on September 19. Currently, the selling price of the Yaris Cross has not been officially announced but must wait until the launch date, but the car is being offered for sale by new sales consultants, giving a reference price of 700 million VND.

Also in September, the Skoda Karoq and Kodiaq duo will be officially introduced to Vietnamese customers. These two car models are both imported complete units from Europe. In particular, Skoda Karoq has an expected price in the range of 1.07 – 1.15 billion VND, while Kodiaq will start from 1.25 billion VND and highest up to 1.44 billion VND.

Entering October 2023, Toyota Innova 2024 will be launched in Vietnam. The car is of a new generation, imported completely from Indonesia and will be sold in parallel with the version being assembled domestically. In the new generation, Innova is developed based on the TNGA-C platform like the Corolla and comes with a front-wheel drive system. The car will have a hybrid drive configuration but the expected price can be up to 1.1 billion VND.

By November, the latest 6th generation Honda CR-V 2023 may also be launched in the Vietnamese market, most likely still assembled domestically. The engine configuration and equipment details of the CR-V 2023 have not been revealed by the dealer.

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