Strange version of MG 5 appears in Vietnam, cheap price suitable for service vehicles but appearance is difficult to “appreciate”

To diversify the customer base, some MG dealers revealed that there will be a low-cost version for the MG 5 model with manual transmission options and may be mainly for service customers.

Previously, many sales consultants also said that the MG 5 will have a manual transmission version at a significantly cheaper price to be able to expand into business vehicles for service or self-driving rental. And recently, the first photos of this car model have just been circulated, but there is no confirmation from the company.


However, the image is said to be that the low-cost manual version of MG 5 is very different from the version currently distributed in the Vietnamese market. According to many estimates, this is the second generation sold since 2020 and is currently only available in certain markets.

Some unconfirmed information indicates that the MG 5 manual version has completed registration procedures and is expected to be launched in Vietnam this September and is aimed at customers who buy service cars rather than serving customers. Used for family cars.


Different from the sporty appearance with many lines, the MG 5 manual version this time is more middle-aged. According to the parameters, the car has an overall length, width, and height of 4,601, 1,818 x 1,489 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,680 mm. , weighing about 1.2 tons comes with 15 inch wheels with tire size 195/65R15.

Not only the exterior style but also the interior space has a clear difference, with a more popular design than the current version. The car still has an 8-inch central screen that supports Apple Carplay/Android Auto, 4 speakers, genuine felt seats, and a somewhat basic analog clock.


The car still uses a 1.5L engine with a capacity of 112 horsepower, 150 Nm and comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. With the above equipment, it is possible that this strange version of MG 5 will have a price ranging from 400 million VND. As for the current MG 5 version, the suggested price is from 523 to 588 million VND, but there are incentives up to 125 million VND, so the actual selling price is somewhat lower than the listed price.

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