Stimulating buyer demand, a series of motorbikes and scooters have strong discounts in the month of Ngau

Entering the 7th lunar month, to stimulate buyer demand, retail stores apply promotional policies, with discounts of nearly ten million dong.

In the context of declining purchasing power, not only domestically assembled motorbikes, many imported motorbike models are also being sold at lower prices by private car shops to find buyers, especially entering the month of Ngau.

Yamaha Mio M3 – Price only from 26 million VND

Yamaha Mio M3 is a popular scooter model imported completely from Indonesia through private import. The current car price announced by distributors is from 26 million to 27 million VND.

With a fairly low price, the Yamaha Mio M3 125 is suitable for those looking to buy cheap scooters, one of the alternatives to the Honda Vision option, which has a higher price, and is very sought after by both women and men. pick up.

However, if you compare the Yamaha Mio M3 125 with rival models imported by private stores, not genuine domestic distribution such as Honda Click 125, Honda Vario 125, Honda BeAT, Honda Genio or Honda Scoopy and Mio M3 also dominate in terms of selling price, not only Honda Vision or Yamaha Janus.

Yamaha Mio M3 125 uses a SOHC, 4-stroke, air-cooled gasoline engine, 125 cc capacity. This engine produces 9.3 horsepower at 8,000 rpm, 9.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.

Yamaha Janus – Price is only from 28.5 million VND

Entering August 2023, the selling prices of the Yamaha Janus 2023 Standard, Special, and Limited versions are 28.5 million VND, 32.2 million VND and 32.7 million VND respectively. Notably, Yamaha is also having a promotion program of 2 million VND for beach fees.

Yamaha Janus is positioned as a direct competitor of Honda Vision with a series of equipment such as Smartkey keys, feminine design and is equipped with a 125cc Bluecore engine block with an announced fuel consumption of less than 2 liters per 100 miles. kilometer.

The new Yamaha Janus engine is still the Blue Core 125cc type, with a maximum capacity of 7 kW, air-cooled. This engine block helps Janus operate smoothly and smoothly with significant fuel economy compared to rival models.

Yamaha Janus also has a number of outstanding features and equipment, a new watch face with a sharp LCD screen in all lighting conditions, LED turn signals, a 14-liter storage compartment, and a smart key (except for the standard version). standard) and One Push Start technology (start with just 1 button).

Honda BeAT – Price only from 27 million VND

Previously, many models such as Honda Wave 110i, GPX Rock, PopZ 110… all had “big discounts” and now it is the turn of the Honda BeAT 110 scooter line to enter the price reduction race.

When it first entered the Vietnamese market, the Honda BeAT 110 imported completely from Indonesia had a selling price of nearly 40 million VND. After a while, the price of this car model decreased to 33 – 37 million VND. Up to now, BeAT 110 has “bottomed” below 30 million VND.

Specifically, recently a sales consultant at a motorbike store in Binh Thanh, City. HCM quotes the standard Honda BeAT 110 version at 27.3 million VND, while the BeAT 110 version with the temporary shutdown feature – Idling Stop has a selling price 600 thousand VND higher than the standard version, which is about 27.9 million VND.

Thus, compared to previous months, this is also the lowest price of BeAT 110 since its import and distribution in the Vietnamese market. Positioned in the popular 110 cc scooter segment, Honda BeAT is a direct competitor to Honda Vision assembled and distributed by Honda Vietnam with a suggested price of 31.2 – 36.5 million VND. .

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