Selling 10,593 fewer cars than the same period last year, a series of Honda cars dropped in price sharply

In order to attract sales and improve sales power, Honda Vietnam has been implementing different forms of price support for currently distributed vehicle models.

According to data from the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association, in the first 7 months of 2023, only 11,085 genuine Honda cars were sold on the market, this number is 10,593 lower than in the first 7 months. the same period in 2022 is equivalent to a decrease rate of about 49%.


Although comparing the data, in recent times the purchasing power of cars in general and Honda in particular has shown signs of increasing, but not too strongly compared to previous times. Although there is currently a 50% support policy from the State plus incentives from manufacturers and agents.


Therefore, to create a sales boost at the end of the third quarter of 2023, the manufacturer has continued to add various incentive programs such as an additional 50% discount on registration fees combined with a 50% support policy. from the state, so with cars like Honda City or Honda CR-V, buyers almost don’t have to spend too much extra money to drive.


As for the Honda CR-V car line, there are rumors of clearing the warehouse to prepare for the new version and this is also somewhat more accurate as the currently distributed version also has an additional discount of 150 million VND for buyers within the month. 9.

In addition, two sedan models including Honda Civic and Honda Accord, which are not covered by the support because they are imported from Thailand, are also being supported with 50% registration fee and 1 year of insurance fee for car buyers.

The recently launched rookie Honda BR-V also has different levels of support. Specifically, the standard G version with a suggested price of 661 million VND has a reduction of about 66.1 million VND corresponding to 100% registration fee, the L version priced at 705 million VND has a smaller reduction of just over 35 million VND equivalent to equivalent to 50% of registration fee.

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