Segment king Ford Everest was recalled in Vietnam because of a software error

In some cases, when operating below 6 km/h, the battery voltage drops below a critical threshold, the transmission will automatically switch to parking mode (P), easily causing collisions. .

Ford Vietnam has announced the Everest recall program to overcome the problem of battery power consumption while in operation, these vehicles were manufactured between November 24, 2021 and February 3, 2023 at home. Ford machines in Thailand.


Ford said the cause of the recall is due to a software error in the engine control module (PCM) on affected Ford Everest vehicles. Accordingly, the PCM can limit the charging current for the battery in certain cases, leading to battery power loss while operating the vehicle.

If this occurs, the battery voltage may drop to a level that is insufficient for starting after shutdown. In addition, if the battery voltage drops below the critical threshold when the vehicle is running at a speed below 6 km/h, the transmission will automatically switch to park mode (P), causing the vehicle to stop suddenly without activating the vehicle. Activate the brake lights, posing a risk of collision.


The above incident was discovered by Ford engineers during the process of continuous quality monitoring and improvement. Ford Vietnam has authorized dealers to check and update software for customers’ vehicles to fix this problem completely free of charge. The time required for testing and updating software is expected to be no more than half a working day.

Previously in the Australian and Philippine markets, the Ford Everest was also recalled for a similar error and even the Ford Ranger pickup model also had a similar PCM software error with the number of recalls in the Australian market reaching up to 4,841 vehicles.

Since launching the new version, Ford Everest has always had respectable sales, often surpassing its main competitor, the Toyota Fortuner, for a long time. According to sales reports from Vama, in the first 7 months of the year, 5,262 cars were delivered, far ahead of Toyota Fortuner with only 2,185 cars.

As for the Ford Ranger, it has shown its appeal when 8,775 units were delivered in the first 7 months of 2023 and has regularly topped the segment since launching the first generation in the Vietnamese market. These are also two car models with key sales for Ford in the Vietnamese market.

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