Rumor has it that Toyota will launch the new generation Innova next year, with a hybrid engine and an SUV-like design

Sources from India have just confirmed that the Toyota Innova 2023 is in the development stage with a view to launching next year.

Specifically, a hybrid version of Toyota Innova 2023 is being developed with the code name 560B in the Indian market. The vehicle will be produced and tested in India by the end of 2022 before its official launch in 2023.


Currently, information about the new generation of Toyota Innova Hybrid 2023 is quite limited, previously this model was seen testing on public streets with careful camouflage. Several designers have sculpted renderings of this model based on revealed details.

Accordingly, Toyota Innova will likely have many inspirations from the company’s car models such as Avanza or Veloz, the interior compartment will also be changed with many new technologies to suit the tastes of current users.


Regarding operation, it is likely that Toyota will equip a 1.5L hybrid gasoline engine or, depending on the market, it will have a traditional gasoline or diesel engine version depending on the policy. In addition, the chassis will apply the TNGA type to help save costs and provide better efficiency to optimize the selling price to create competitiveness with other competitors.

In Vietnam, Toyota Innova had almost no competitors and became the king of the segment for a very long time until Mitsubishi Xpander and Suzuki XL7 appeared with the advantage of low price, causing this once MPV model to lose steam. According to Vama’s report, in 2021 there will be just over 3,000 cars sold in the entire market.


Although the company has also launched new MPV products, they do not have positive sales because the selling price on the equipment is not really commensurate. Currently the car is priced from 750 million VND to 989 million VND. In the near future, to improve the situation, Toyota is planning to launch the new generation Veloz and Avanza duo at optimal prices to regain market share in the MPV segment.

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