Question of 9x CEO Tong Dong Khue buying Ferrari 458 Misha Designs despite owning McLaren 720S

Even though he owns a McLaren 720S worth over 25 billion VND, CEO Tong Dong Khue is still said to have bought another tens of billions of Misha Designs Ferrari 458.

Recently, on his personal Facebook page, CEO Tong Dong Khue posted a picture of the car Ferrari 458 degrees Misha Designs traveling with the unique McLaren 720 Novitec N-Largo in Vietnam. The multi-spoke PUR wheels were replaced with a set of single 5-spoke wheels painted black. Previously, he shared a picture of a McLaren covered with a tarpaulin lying with a supercar covered with a tarpaulin with the Ferrari logo.

ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-1 ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-2

Not stopping there, a transport unit posted a photo of the Misha Designs 458 Ferrari lying on a rescue vehicle and handed it over in front of the D1 Workshop garage – a car tuning workshop run by CEO Tong Dong Khue is a shareholder. That increases the authenticity of the information that the young businessman bought the most unique supercar in Vietnam.

ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-3 ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-4

Thus, if he owns a supercar of the Italian prancing horse brand, CEO Tong Dong Khue becomes a Vietnamese with two unique custom supercars in Vietnam, including the Misha Designs Ferrari 458 and the Novitec N-customized McLaren 720S. Largo.

ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-5 ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-6

It is unclear how much money he has to spend to own this Ferrari 458, but the number is expected to be about 10 billion VND.


Misha Designs customization package for the model Ferrari 458 Italia This car comes with changes such as the front bumper, front wheel arches, bonnet, rear end, etc. and comes with many carbon fiber details. In addition, the Misha Designs package also has a small Ducktail wing like some widebody versions from other brands. It is known that the total cost that the previous owner of the car had to spend to customize the car was up to nearly 1 billion VND.

ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-8 ferrari-458-misha-designs-tong-dong-khue-cafeautovn-9

Although the Ferrari 458’s engine is a naturally aspirated V8, which already has a fierce exhaust sound, the car’s previous owner still upgraded to an exhaust from the Novitec brand to make the exhaust sound sharper and more powerful.


The 4.5L naturally aspirated V8 engine on the Ferrari 458 Italia can produce a maximum capacity of 570 horsepower and maximum torque of 540 Nm. Comes with a 7-speed Getrag dual-clutch transmission that helps the supercar easily accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 325 km/h.


Photo: FBNV, Summary

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