New Circular 32/2023 does not require traffic police to greet vehicle drivers

When Circular 32/2023 of the Ministry of Public Security takes effect, traffic police officers and soldiers are not required to greet the driver when controlling the vehicle.

Specifically, Article 18 of Circular 32/2023 effective from September 15, 2023 regulates the process of conducting regulatory control, when the vehicle that needs to be controlled has stopped in position according to instructions, Traffic police officers assigned to control tasks stand in appropriate, safe positions and perform the following:

  • Traffic police officers and soldiers request vehicle drivers to take safety measures and get off the vehicle.
  • Salute according to the People’s Police Order (except in cases where you know in advance that the person has committed an act with signs of a crime, committed a crime red-handed, or is wanted).
  • When interacting with people who violate the law, traffic police officers must maintain correct posture, politeness, manners, and appropriate behavior.

Notify the vehicle driver and people on the vehicle of the reason for the control, and request the vehicle driver to present relevant documents or information of relevant documents. in the electronic identity account according to regulations for control


For vehicles carrying people with 10 seats or more, vehicles carrying people with the same size as vehicles carrying people with 10 seats or more must directly enter the passenger compartment to carry out the procedure. control and notify control results.

At the end of the control, the traffic police officer reports to the Team Leader on the control results, and notifies the vehicle driver and people on the vehicle about the control results and violations (if any). and handling measures.

When there are grounds to believe that traffic participants, means of transport, or objects contain hidden evidence, means, or documents used to commit administrative violations, the person and means of transport may be searched. objects according to the provisions of the law on handling of administrative violations.

In case of detecting signs of crime, comply with the provisions of law on criminal proceedings.


Thus, compared to previous Circular 65/2020, officers and soldiers are not required to verbally greet: “Hello sir, madam, brother, sister…”. And after saying hello, you don’t have to say, “Please, sir, please let us control the relevant documents and control the means of transport.”

And also Circular 32/2023 does not require traffic police officers to say: “Thank you, sir, brother, sister,… for cooperating with the traffic police force to ensure traffic order and safety.”

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