Minh Nhua’s Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro over 15 billion was revealed in Saigon

After more than 2 months returning to Vietnam, Minh Nhua’s Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro worth over 15 billion appeared in a showroom in Ho Chi Minh City.

A private car importer has posted the first images of the vehicle White Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro unique in Vietnam. This is the GT R Pro owned by businessman Pham Tran Nhat Minh – ie Minh Nhua. The car was opened in early March, but has not yet been handed over to the owner.


While the first Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro had a more aggressive appearance thanks to two-tone black and blue paint, Minh Nhua’s car used two tones of white and gray. Many exterior details are made of carbon material such as front bumper, front bumper fin, rearview mirror cover, hood, rear spoiler,…

mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-2 mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-3

The dual 5-spoke wheels on this white Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro are made of magnesium, inside are still black brake shackles similar to the one from giant Hoa Binh.

mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-4 mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-5

The car’s interior is dominated by black tones, combined with contrasting white stitching. D-cut steering wheel, covered with suede. Some details use carbon fiber such as the center console, central air conditioning vent cover, etc. The car’s seats are racing seats – similar to the first GT R coming to Vietnam.

mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-6 mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-7

Similar to the standard version, Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Also equipped with a twin-turbo V8 engine, 4.0 liter capacity. This engine block produces a maximum capacity of 577 horsepower and maximum torque of 700 Nm. Despite the reduced weight due to a series of carbon fiber parts and a new suspension system, the car’s acceleration time from the starting position to 100 km/h takes 3.6 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 319 km/h. H.


Up to now, the Vietnamese market has welcomed a total of 5 Mercedes-AMG GT R with two main versions, including the standard version and the Pro version. The standard version costs from 11.6 billion VND, while the Pro version is expected to cost over 15 billion VND. Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is also limited to only 750 units worldwide.

mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-9 mercedes-amg-gt-r-pro-minh-nhua-cafeautovn-10

Photo: Nguyen Huy Tuan, Cafeauto

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