Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV reveals a spaceship-like interior, the price is not cheap

Before launching the EQS electric SUV, Mercedes-Benz suddenly released a set of photos that are said to be the interior of this luxury car.

The German car brand has just revealed part of the interior of its first electric SUV model before announcing its official launch. Previously, the Mercedes-Benz EQS model had just been seen testing operations in areas with harsh weather such as deserts or snow and ice.


Compared to the EQS sedan version, the SUV version is almost similar, it is difficult to see the difference, this is understandable when both use the same pure electric chassis and correspond to the powertrain options as well as the platform. electronic control platform.


The front seats still retain the characteristic of a spacious storage compartment, this is also a characteristic of electric vehicles as it does not take up too much space for the gear lever area. The dashboard is still a large Hyperscreen screen up to 56 inches, including 3 horizontal screens on the highest version and 2 screens on the regular version. Even though it is a full-size SUV, the third row of seats is optional, not default.

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More specifically, the screen on the right side of the passenger seat can help users watch movies and entertainment even when the car is moving, but the driver cannot see it because there will be a camera inside that monitors and automatically dims the screen to ensure safety when driving.


The second row of seats of the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is electrically adjustable, and the third row of seats can be adjusted in height to optimize the seating position as well as provide better comfort. The company also confirmed that the rear luggage compartment can hold up to 4 bags of golf clubs, which makes many people skeptical.


According to some information, the selling price of the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is not cheap, with an exchange rate of about 2.7 billion VND with the option of wood or stainless steel panels and high-end Dolby Atmos speakers. The car’s specifications have not yet been revealed but it will likely be similar to the EQS sedan with power ranging from 329 horsepower to 516 horsepower or higher up to 715 horsepower for the AMG variant.

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