Mercedes-Benz C-Class faces difficulties again when BMW 3-Series has a new price, making it easier to reach more customers

Versions of the BMW 3 Series have just had their prices adjusted. After the change, the standard version of this model is cheaper than the high-end Toyota Camry and more accessible than its direct competitor, Mercedes-Benz C. -Class.

In addition to the predecessor versions of the BMW 3 Series, which have quite good prices, the LCI version of this car has just had an adjustment with a reduction of 34 to 55 million VND. Thanks to that, the standard version of the BMW 320i Sport Line costs only from 1,455 billion VND.

With this adjusted selling price, users can access car models coming to Germany more easily as they are cheaper than the high-end Toyota Camry 2.5HV version currently priced at 1,495 billion VND and rival Mercedes-Benz C. -Class will have even more difficulty.

Specifically, the standard version of the C-Class, C 200 Avantgarde, is priced at 1,669 billion VND and the highest version, the C300 AMG, is priced at 2,199 billion VND. Thus, depending on the version, the BMW 3 Series will have a cheaper price from 214 million VND to 385 million VND.


The above difference is very significant, especially in the current situation when the market is quiet and competition is fierce. In addition, both Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series are assembled domestically, so there is an additional 50% registration fee incentive from the State, helping users save from a few tens of millions to more than hundreds of millions of dong. .

The BMW 320i Sport Line version still has some outstanding equipment such as LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, dual curved screens, 3-zone air conditioning, 12 HiFi speakers and a number of other outstanding equipment. The higher priced 320i M Sport version has the same equipment but adds the M Sport trim package, so the trim and 16 Harman Kardon speakers aim to increase the sportiness.

Both 320i versions are equipped with a 2.0L engine with a capacity of 184 horsepower, 300 Nm combined with an 8-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels. The 330i version has the same engine but has higher performance with 258 horsepower, 400Nm and more advanced equipment such as matrix LED headlights, sunroof, interior materials, etc.

In addition, some other BMW car models also have other discounts such as the X3 or X5 depending on the version and model of the car. In the segment besides the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the BMW 3 Series also competes with the Audi A4 or Volvo S 60, which are all reasonable luxury cars for users just starting to move to the high-end segment.

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