Mercedes-AMG teases a unique sports car with a confusing design

Mercedes’ AMG high-performance division has just collaborated with famous artist and businessman Will.I.Am to develop a new sports car model with a coupe body but with the design of the G-Class.

According to the teaser that the company announced, the front of the car is quite similar to the famous off-road vehicle G-Class, but the body has the shape of a 2-door coupe and is expected to be launched on the 5th. /5 at a special event to raise funds for technical schools.


Specifically, Mercedes-AMG and Will.I.Am shared a little information on their social networking platforms revealing part of the new car line with a prominent front part with round, recessed LED headlights. G-Class-like wind, AMG-style square grille, etc.

The body of the car has a coupe trend with a roofline similar to the AMG GT, the rear of the car has many inspirations from the AMG GT 4-Door line. This design style is somewhat strange compared to the company’s entire product range. Overall, this car model is somewhat slim with a long hood and short rear.


The website of famous artist and businessman Will.I.Am says he created a sports car for Mercedes-AMG to call for sponsorship for technical school students to help young people create technology. for the future.


The name Will.I.Am is no stranger to upgraded cars, but collaborating with AMG to launch a sports car line surprised many people. Not only that, Will.I.Am is also the brand ambassador for Mercedes-AMG’s electric sports car model “E PERFORMANCE”.

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