Many rare, limited edition motorbike models, including Indian cars, are preparing to return to Vietnam

Despite the slowing purchasing power of motorbikes, many imported motorbike models in many different segments, including rare versions, are preparing to enter the Vietnamese market.

In the context of not having many new options for domestically assembled motorbikes, imported motorbike shops are bringing to Vietnam a number of new models as well as special versions of some imported motorbike lines to meet the demand. Meet the needs of Vietnamese customers.

Honda X-ADV 750 2023 limited edition

After the 2022 version, the latest upgrade of the Honda X-ADV 750 scooter line will enter the Vietnamese market to meet the needs of people who love large displacement scooters. This version is made in Italy, painted in Shasta White with a new set of decorative stamps that looks more sporty and personality than previous versions.

Honda X-ADV 750 2023 Limited Edition is expected to clear customs and open for sale in September 2023. Similar to the 2023 versions, the limited edition Honda The capacity and storage compartment are larger than the old version.

TVS Rockz and TVS Dazz

TVS Rockz is a popular 125cc motorbike line manufactured by TVS in India for domestic distribution as well as export to a number of other markets. If it joins Vietnam in the near future, TVS Rockz digital motorbikes will compete with Honda Future 125 Fi, Yamaha Jupiter Finn…

According to updated data from the Vietnam Register, TVS Rockz is equipped with a 4-stroke, 125 cc engine with a capacity of 9.8 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, combined with a 4-speed gearbox. This engine has a fuel consumption of 1.66 liters/100 km.

In addition to familiar options such as Honda Vision, Honda BeAT, Yamaha Janus… customers in Vietnam are about to have new options in the popular 110 cc scooter segment. Accordingly, TVS motorbikes are about to enter the Vietnamese market and will distribute the 110 cc scooter line – TVS Dazz.

TVS Dazz is one of TVS’s lowest priced scooters in the Indian market. With basic equipment, the selling price of this car model is said to be quite competitive when entering the Vietnamese market. This model will become a direct competitor to Honda Vision, Honda BeAT or Yamaha Janus in the 110 cc scooter segment.

Honda Super Cub C125 Disney limited edition, celebrating 100 years

Limited edition Honda Super Cub C125 Disney Limited Edition produced by Honda in cooperation with Disney is only 100 units, each numbered from 1 to 100, one of which is on the way back to Vietnam.

It is also the Super Cub C125, but the Honda Super Cub C125 Disney Limited Edition is more special as it is only produced and distributed by the Japanese car company in a limited quantity of only 100 units worldwide.

This limited edition only adds some silver details along with the Disney100 stamp and unique Mickey logo. In particular, each Honda Super Cub C125 Disney Limited Edition is numbered from 1 to 100. This model mainly meets the needs of car enthusiasts who like to be different, have personality, and have different car versions. represents “rare goods”.

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