Leaked new generation of Ford Mustang 2023: dual driving clock, headlights quite similar to Honda Civic

Unlike other car brands or models, the new generation Ford Mustang suddenly completely revealed the front of the car without any camouflage.

The news that the Ford Mustang will have a new generation has caused many people to talk about it in anticipation, but a series of images shows almost a complete new design from the interior to the exterior of the car with very little camouflage. .


Accordingly, the front part of the car photographed is said to be an advertising image of a poster or catalog thanks to the folds at the edges posted by members of the forum specializing in muscle cars without any careful camouflage.

Based on the images, it can be seen that the new generation of Ford Mustang 2023 is somewhat gentler than its predecessors. Specifically, the headlight is divided into 3 separate compartments of quite small size, the front air vent is located directly under the larger headlight, quite similar to the Shelby GT500 model, the engine cover also has a thin and well-shaped air vent. lengthen.


In addition, the car still retains the typical Mustang grille but seems more visible with the vertical slat structure used around the Mustang logo. The overall design of the car is gentler than the previous generation but still has long straight lines running above the headlights and radiator, helping the car retain its muscular lines.

In addition to the photo above, local media also posted a picture of the 2023 Ford Mustang without camouflage, quite similar to the image above but somewhat softer, possibly the standard version with sharp lines. featured.


Accordingly, it is highly likely that the 2023 Ford Mustang will still have engine options such as 2.3L EcoBoost to high-performance 5.0L V8. In Vietnam, in the muscle car segment, the Ford Mustang accounts for a large number of popular young people thanks to its price of only 2.5 billion VND or more depending on the version and model of the car.

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