Lacking attraction before Kia Sonet, Toyota Raize has the highest selling price of less than 590 million VND

Although it has a more accessible price than the Kia Sonet, Toyota Raize’s sales have been outstripped by this direct competitor and there are now incentives to increase competition.

When it was first launched, Toyota Raize was a car model that caused a stir in the market when buyers had to pay an additional amount of money to be able to receive the car. However, that was the beginning because direct competitor Kia Sonet was experiencing a sales breakthrough thanks to a 50% reduction in registration fees from the State.


To increase competition, many dealers are now willing to reduce more than 50 million VND or even 60 million VND for Toyota Raize. However, it is still unclear whether this offer is only a cash discount or comes with accessories, but the value of the above discount is still higher than Kia Sonet’s 50% offer.

Previously, Toyota Raize had a listed price of 560 million VND, so the price to the sea in Hanoi will be about 649 million VND, in City. Ho Chi Minh is 638 million VND and 619 million VND in other provinces. Therefore, after discounting incentives, the highest car price is only about 589 million VND.


Toyota Raize belongs to the A-class SUV segment with length and width parameters corresponding to 4,030 x 1,710 x 1,605 (mm), wheelbase reaching 2,525 mm, developed on the DNGA-A chassis platform of Daihatsu subsidiary, helping to increase the price. Increases rigidity, ensures light weight, and optimizes performance.

The overall design of the Toyota Raize is somewhat sturdier than the Kia Sonet, in addition, the interior space also has many amenities such as a digital clock cluster and a replaceable 7-inch multi-information display screen. interface change, Apple CarPlay support and other active safety features.


But the performance of the Toyota Raize 2023 is only considered at a basic level with a 1.0L turbocharged gasoline engine with a capacity of 98 horsepower and 140 Nm that comes with a D-CVT continuously variable transmission. This performance level is somewhat lower when compared to direct competitor Kia Sonet.

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