Kia K3 Turbo GT & 2.0 Premium duo: More options for customers who love sport and power

Youthful, modern, sporty, with strong performance and many safety equipment, the Kia K3 Turbo GT and K3 2.0 Premium duo are perfect choices for customers who love experience. Different and exciting driving.

Kia K3 – king of C-class sedan sales in Vietnam

Even though the market is in the “SUVization” phase, C-class sedans are still very popular thanks to the advantages of youthful design, rich equipment and especially good prices. In Vietnam, Kia K3 has the most competitive price in the segment, while possessing many outstanding amenities compared to rival models, and is continuously applied attractive incentive policies by THACO AUTO. . These are the reasons that help Kia K3 easily lead the C-class sedan segment in Vietnam.


According to VAMA’s sales report, in 2021, Kia K3 sales in Vietnam reached more than 10,500 vehicles, leading the C-class sedan segment, accounting for about 47% of the segment’s market share, and also reaching the Top 10 best-selling cars. best in the country in the past year. In the first months of 2022, overcoming increasing competitive pressure from rival car models, Kia K3 continues to firmly consolidate its position at the top of the segment with average sales of nearly 1,200 cars per month.

According to experts, the launch of the new version in September 2021 with many valuable upgrades has contributed to a sales boost for the Kia K3. After adding the Kia K3 2.0 Premium version in December 2021 with the highlight being the strong performance from the 2.0L engine, THACO AUTO now continues to introduce the new K3 1.6 Turbo GT version with Many notable upgrades in both design and outstanding operating performance, aiming to conquer customers who are passionate about driving and experiencing.

Kia K3 Turbo GT – Exclusive version for customers who love sports sedans

Kia K3 Turbo GT has impressed with its premium appearance and sporty design, very suitable for modern young customers. Compared to the standard version, the new Kia K3 Turbo GT’s design has been refined in a more youthful, sporty style. The front of the Kia K3 GT is decorated with red accents with the GT logo creating a sporty and unique impression. The car still has the characteristic tiger nose grille cluster but is painted red to create a different highlight. The front bumper is sporty designed, highlighted with red borders around the fog lights. Modern LED technology lighting, sophisticated sporty GT logo.

The highlight of the new Kia K3 Turbo GT’s side is the sporty side panels and black-painted rearview mirror caps, contributing to highlighting the car’s sporty personality. The most notable upgrades at the rear of the car include a sporty black-painted spoiler, a newly designed rear bumper with symmetrically placed dual trapezoidal exhaust pipes to help the car look stronger and more eye-catching when viewed from the rear. .


Kia K3 Turbo GT continues to conquer users with a sporty interior. The car model uses black seat covers with red thread to create a premium, sporty and unique feel. The GT logo is also embroidered on the back of the chair, creating a special mark to identify the version. In addition, the Turbo GT version’s cockpit looks more personal with a sporty D-cut steering wheel, shiny metal pedal covers that are completely different from the standard version and a red-embroidered gear lever cover.

Similar to the K3 Premium 2.0, the interior of the K3 Turbo GT is also provided with many modern amenities, meeting the user’s needs such as wireless phone charging, electric driver’s seat, and integrated features. memory position, with seat heating and cooling function.

In addition, the K3 Turbo GT is also equipped with a 10.25-inch central entertainment screen, supports Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connection, 6-speaker sound system and modern sunroof, comes with car start feature. remotely with a smart key and smart electric trunk opening, allowing users to start the car remotely or open the trunk easily without manual operation.


In terms of operation, the K3 Turbo GT is equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged engine combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, providing completely superior power compared to the 2.0L engine. According to the car’s specifications, it has a capacity of 201 horsepower at 6,000 Rpm and a maximum torque of 265 Nm at 1,500-4,500 Rpm, this is also the leading powerful car in the segment. In addition, the Kia K3 1.6 Turbo GT is also upgraded to a multi-link independent rear suspension system, providing more stable and optimal performance.

In particular, the K3 Turbo GT is also the only version in the K3 product line exclusively equipped with a blind spot warning feature integrated into the rearview mirror, contributing to a safer operating experience for the driver and the driver. passengers in the car.

Kia K3 Turbo GT & K3 2.0 Premium: A pair of trendy sedans for customers who are passionate about driving

It can be seen that, along with the Kia K3 2.0 Premium version, the K3 1.6 Turbo GT brings more exciting options for customers who want to enjoy a sporty and exciting driving experience.


The selling prices of the Kia K3 Turbo GT and K3 2.0 Premium duo in the Vietnamese market are 759 million VND and 689 million VND, respectively. With the introduction of a new version, Kia K3 is expected to continue to maintain its unique position in the C-class sedan segment in the Vietnamese market in the near future. In addition, Kia K3 also has 3 other versions: 1.6 MT, 1.6 Luxury and 1.6 Premium with prices starting from only 559 million VND but still maintaining the advantages of size and smart technology equipment.

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