In the first 7 months of 2023, there will be about 15,000 electric and hybrid cars sold in Vietnam.

In the first 7 months of 2023, there will be about 15,000 electric and hybrid cars sold in the Vietnamese market. Among them, VinFast is still the name that most people are interested in.

In the first 7 months of 2023, electric cars and hybrid cars are also gradually appearing on Vietnam’s streets. According to statistics, there have been about 15,000 electric and hybrid vehicles delivered to customers in recent times.

According to VinFast’s sales report, the VF e34 is the car model with the largest contribution to the company’s overall sales in July alone with 1,181 cars sold.

The class A car model – VF 5 Plus also sold 1,000 units, nearly doubling compared to the previous month. The VF 9 SUV model also grew slightly compared to June, with 418 cars sold.

Accumulated by the end of July 2023, there were 6,253 VinFast VF e34 cars and 4,998 VF 8 cars delivered to customers. Just started being delivered in March and April this year, however, the two models VF 9 and VF 5 Plus have also achieved cumulative sales of 1,452 VF 9 cars and 1,977 VF 5 Plus cars, respectively. Thus, there were a total of 14,680 VinFast electric cars for customers in Vietnam in the first 7 months of this year.

In addition, the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid model achieved sales of 55 units, cumulatively reaching 299 units in 2023.

As for the Toyota Corolla Cross, there are two versions: gasoline and hybrid. The sales of the two versions are not separate, so it is unclear how much sales the hybrid version has. However, the total sales of both versions in July was 1,125 vehicles, cumulatively in 2023 is 7,466 vehicles.

Recently, Hyundai also officially sold the IONIQ 5 electric car to the market after more than a year of researching and evaluating the product in Vietnam. The selling price of this pure electric car model is from 1.3 billion VND.

In addition, a number of electric car models are also being sold in the Vietnamese market such as: Hongqi E-HS9 2023 in Vietnam currently starting at 2,768 billion VND, imported complete units from China and sold genuine, Audi E -tron has a starting price ranging from 2.97 billion VND and Mercedes-Benz EQS 2023 has a selling price ranging from 4,839 to 5,959 billion VND.

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