Go crazy with the Bulldog 4×4 Extreme off-road supercar and firefighter

Inspired by the characteristics of the Bulldog, Howe & Howe Technologies Company designed a fire truck that demonstrates the best strength and off-road ability.

The Bulldog 4×4 Extreme model is an off-road fire truck that meets many difficult requirements in firefighting, especially forest fires while also performing a number of other tasks.

The Bulldog 4×4 Extreme is built on the 7400 4×4 International chassis with the characteristics of being able to operate in the harshest environments while still providing a comfortable feeling.

The fire truck model uses 54-inch HEMTT military tires, is equipped with front and rear differential locks and a ground clearance of 63cm. These parameters give the Bulldog 4×4 Extreme very high off-road capabilities, which is really important when approaching forest fires with complex terrain.

The engine is equipped with a 12.8 L naturally aspirated I6 with a capacity of 330 horsepower and a torque of 950Nm, a 5-speed automatic transmission and AWD drive system.

A curved cage-style frame protects the vehicle when it needs to “sweep” through dense areas.

Bulldog can carry nearly 7,500 liters of liquid or air bubbles for firefighting, and a pump with a capacity of 5,600 liters per minute for the best possible firefighting efficiency. A fuel tank of up to 300 liters ensures it operates as long as possible. The weight of the vehicle reaches nearly 12 tons

In addition to the spray system for self-protection, a camera mounted on the front bumper and controlled from inside the cabin allows users to fight fires most accurately without having to leave the vehicle’s cabin.

The car is also equipped with a winch with a pulling capacity of up to nearly 14 tons to help it get out of situations when it gets bogged down or stuck in complicated places.

A standard version of the Bulldog with a 4,500 liter tank, 7 ton winch and complete special signaling system starts at around 95,000 USD.

Single or double cabin options are available to suit the number of people needed for firefighting operations.

Bulldog 4×4 has been developed by Howe & Howe Technologies since 2015 and has become the most reliable fire truck to date.

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