Fuel prices changed again, very close to 25,000 VND/liter

From 3:00 p.m. on September 5, 2023, the price per liter of petroleum products will increase from 140 to 510 VND.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance, in this adjustment period, each liter of gasoline E5 Ron 92 and Ron 95 will increase from 140 VND to 270 VND. Particularly, diesel and kerosene products will also be adjusted depending on the type. , specifically:

  • E5 Ron 92 gasoline increased by 140 VND/liter, selling price no more than 23,470 VND/liter
  • Ron 95 gasoline increased by 270 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 24,870 VND/liter
  • Diesel increased by 290 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 22,640 VND/liter
  • Kerosene increased by 510 VND/liter, selling price not higher than 22,810 VND/liter
  • Fuel oil reduced by 280 VND/liter, selling price no higher than 17,700 VND/kg


In today’s executive period, the inter-ministries did not set aside a stabilization fund for all petroleum products. According to data from the Ministry of Finance, as of July, this fund has a surplus of VND 7,438 billion. Therefore, the management agency has stopped making appropriations to this fund from the beginning of July until now.

Since the beginning of the year until now, gasoline prices have undergone 25 adjustments, including 15 increases, 7 decreases and 3 times remaining the same. In addition, world prices in the past half month increased sharply due to concerns about tighter supply when Russia intended to extend cuts in oil export output.

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