Even the Ford Transit has an electric version, priced at about 1.1 billion VND, likely to return to Vietnam soon

Ford’s commercial vehicle division, Ford Pro, on May 9, announced a pure electric minivan model that will be officially produced in Türkiye in the second half of 2023.

Accordingly, the car model named E-Transit Custom is a BEV and this is one of 5 car models that the American car company will reserve for the European market by 2024.

Technical specifications have yet to be announced but estimates suggest it has a range of about 380km on a full charge. The estimated price of this car model is about 40,000 pounds, equivalent to over 1.1 billion VND.

A notable point is that the car is equipped with all-LED lighting – this is a rare feature for commercial vehicles as this equipment is mostly only found on passenger cars.

The front stands out with a hexagonal grille instead of being smooth like electric car models still have.

The new platform developed for the E-Transit Custom is shared with Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles.

The rear door is still a double door that opens on both sides and a sliding door on the side of the car commonly found on Van models.

The power charging port is located on the right side of the front bumper.

The car is also used as a source of electrical energy for other objects and tools to use.

Detailed information about the E-Transit Custom will be announced by the American automaker in September this year and this is known as the successor to Europe’s best-selling van. It is unclear whether this product will come to different regions or not as this will largely depend on the needs and culture of using Vans.

Ford Transit is a very best-selling car model in Vietnam, suitable for carrying passengers and employees to work every day, so it is possible to return to Vietnam soon in this electric version.

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