Electric vehicles are increasingly popular, although they still depend heavily on the development of charging infrastructure

By the end of July 2023, the country will have nearly 13,000 battery electric cars (BEVs) of all types in circulation, much higher than the same period in 2022, while monthly sales of hybrid vehicles (HEVs) are also increasing. increase rapidly. The rapid growth of this new type of vehicle is partly due to preferential and supportive policies.

Incentives for pure electric cars

Currently, pure electric cars are receiving the biggest incentives on the market. The Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the current Law on Special Consumption Tax stipulates that the special consumption tax rate for BEVs carrying passengers with 9 seats or less has been sharply reduced from 15% to 3%. from March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2027 and will increase to 11% after this period.

Upon registration, BEVs will also be exempt from registration fees (from March 1, 2022 and lasting for three years). This is a huge advantage compared to cars using internal combustion engines or hybrid vehicles (HEV), which are still subject to a tax of 10 – 12%.

Incentives for hybrid cars

HEVs do not receive any incentives compared to vehicles using traditional internal combustion engines, despite being significantly more fuel efficient. For example, Nissan Kicks only consumes about 2.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km, Toyota Corolla Cross only consumes 4.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km… these are quite impressive numbers.

The only exception is externally charged hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), which have additional charging ports with small batteries and are enjoying special consumption tax incentives equal to 70% of internal combustion engine vehicles with the same cylinder capacity.

Currently, the special consumption tax on internal combustion engine cars ranges from 35 to 150% depending on cylinder capacity, so when receiving this tax incentive, PHEV vehicles will be taxed between 24.5 and 105%. .

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