Competitor of Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento, Skoda Kodiaq is expected to cost from 1.25 billion VND

Although the expected launch date is September this year, some Skoda dealers have expected prices from VND 1.25 billion for the Kodiaq SUV model with two versions sold.

According to the plan, the Skoda Kodiaq midsize SUV line will be launched in the Vietnamese market in September 2023 with two versions: Ambition TSI 1.4 Turbo and Style TSI 2.0 Turbo 4×4. At the present time, some sales consultants have started offering with expected prices from 1.25 billion and 1.44 billion VND.


Thus, compared to competitors in the same segment, depending on the version, the Skoda Kodiaq will have a higher price than the general average, specifically the Mazda CX-8 is priced from 949 to 1,129 billion VND, the Peugeot 5008 is priced from 1,099 to 1,099 billion VND. 1,209 billion VND, Hyundai Santa Fe costs 1,055 to 1.45 billion VND and Kia Sorento from 1,069 to 1,604 billion VND.

However, at the present time, Skoda Kodiaq is at a disadvantage because this is an imported car that does not enjoy the 50% registration fee discount like currently assembled cars. In addition, this is also a new model so it is difficult to have strong incentive programs like the above competitors.


Notably, the chassis system of the Skoda Kodiaq is developed on the basis of the MQB platform, which is used by car manufacturers such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche,… because they all belong to the parent group Volkswagen. According to the manufacturer, the car has dimensions of 4,697 x 1,882 x 1,676 mm long, wide and 1,676 mm high and the wheelbase is 2,791 mm.

Currently, detailed information about this car model has not been announced. According to viral images, the car will have a front lighting system, rear taillights and navigation lights that are all LED and come with matching wheels. needle with 2 sizes 17 or 20 inches and three silver roof panels.


In foreign markets, Skoda Kodiaq has 2 options of 5 or 7 seats with some equipment such as 10.25 inch electronic driving clock, 8 or 9.2 inch central screen, USB Type C port, electronic brake, supports Android Auto/Apple CarPlay,…

In terms of safety, it is possible that the Skoda Kodiaq will include a forward collision avoidance assistance system, automatic emergency braking, side collision avoidance assistance, adaptive cruise control system, and rear cruise control system. low speed, traffic sign recognition and adaptive lane assist.


Skoda Karoq also has 2 operating options including a 1.4L turbocharged gasoline engine with a capacity of 148 horsepower, 250 Nm, 1-wheel drive and a 2.0L turbo gasoline engine with a performance level of 188 horsepower, 320 Nm included. 4 wheel drive system.

Skoda Karoq’s market share is quite open as within this budget there will be many competitors from many different segments and brands. Currently, the first Skoda cars will be imported from Europe and distributed by TC Motor.

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