Competitive pressure and reduced purchasing power make imported scooters now cheaper than domestic ones

For the first time since entering the Vietnamese market, the selling price of imported Honda Vario 160 decreased to less than 50 million VND, lower than Vario 160 versions assembled and distributed domestically by Honda Vietnam.

In the context of Honda Vietnam (HVN) and authorized dealers continuously reducing the selling price of the domestically assembled Vario 160 scooter model, non-genuine shops and imported motorbike businesses cannot Sit still and watch the batches of Vario 160 cars imported from Indonesia remain unsold.

In the early days of September 2023, a number of imported motorbike shops simultaneously reduced the selling price of the Honda Vario 160 imported from Indonesia to less than 50 million VND.

Specifically, at a motorbike store on Dinh Bo Linh Street, Binh Thanh District (HCMC), the salesperson quoted a selling price of 44.9 million VND for the Vario 160 CBS version and 46.9 million VND for the upgraded version. Equipped with ABS brakes.

Thus, compared to previous times, the current selling price of Honda Vario 160 CBS is reduced by 11.6 million VND, while the ABS version of this model is reduced by about 11 million VND.

The price reduction of dealers this time also brings the selling price of imported Honda Vario 160 to a level lower than the proposed price of Vario 160 assembled and distributed by Honda Vietnam.

Currently, Honda Vario 160 is assembled and sold domestically in 4 versions, priced from 51.99 to 56.49 million VND. HEAD Hondas in central districts are also having a discount program for this model through many different forms with a discount of 3 – 6 million VND.

Thus, it can be seen that since Honda Vietnam assembled and distributed this model, competitive pressure helped the selling price of Honda Vario 160 fall sharply. Previously, when it first returned to Vietnam, the Honda Vario 160 “Made in Indonesia” was “screamed” by some dealers up to 78 million VND.

Honda Vario 160 imported from Indonesia as well as the version assembled in Vietnam does not have much difference in design size, features and engine. Both have a sporty design, combined with a 160cc 4-valve eSP+ engine.

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