Coming to September, there are still many domestic car models with strong discounts

The domestic auto market is recording many car models enjoying strong incentives, including models with hundreds of millions of VND reduced compared to the listed price.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is the car model that receives the most incentives from the manufacturer in 2023 when it continuously receives registration fee support.

Specifically, in August 2023, customers who buy CR-V will receive a direct cash discount of 150 million VND. Currently, the car is distributed with four versions in Vietnam including E, G, L and LSE. After the discount, the car price only ranges from 848 – 988 million VND. If you add the Government’s 50% registration fee support for domestically assembled vehicles, the CR-V’s on-road price drops from 50 – 68 million VND depending on the place of registration.

Mitsubishi Attrage, Xpander, Triton and Pajero Sport

In August, Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam continued to implement support policies for all 2022 production versions in its product portfolio.

Specifically, some completely imported car models such as Attrage (produced in 2022), Xpander and Xpander Cross enjoy strong incentives of up to 100% of registration fees.

The two car models Triton and Pajero Sport are being offered huge promotions by dealers, with special financial support of up to 135 million VND for pickup trucks and 220 million VND for mid-sized SUVs. However, the car models eligible for incentives are all old versions manufactured in 2022.

Suzuki Ertiga

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid is imported from Indonesia and distributed in Vietnam with 3 versions MT and AT priced at 538 and 608 million VND respectively.

In August, Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid AT (VIN 2022) received registration fee support at 100% with 0% interest for 12 months and 500 liters of fuel, equivalent to a value of 100 million VND. The MT version is supported 100% of registration fees with a preferential rate of 54 million VND.

Ford Territory

According to the program from the genuine dealer, Ford Territory is receiving the highest discount of up to 73 million VND for the 1.5 Titanium version. The two versions Trend and Titanium X have lower incentives, 50 and 65 million VND respectively.

After the reduction, the Ford Territory has an actual selling price of 772-889 million VND. This price is only slightly higher than the main competitor in the segment, Mazda CX-5. Due to domestic assembly, Ford Territory will also receive a 50% reduction in registration fees when completing rolling procedures.

Mercedes-AMG G63

From now until the end of September 2023, customers who register to buy a car and complete the payment procedure of 100% of the contract value will receive a 4.55% discount on the product’s listed price, equivalent to about 50% of the value. VAT.

Notably, the car model with the highest discount is the Mercedes-AMG G63 with incentives up to 534.6 million VND. This reduction is enough to buy an SUV like Kia Sonet or Toyota Raize. In Vietnam, Mercedes-AMG G63 is officially distributed with a listed price of 11,750 billion VND.

Subaru Outback

Subaru Vietnam dealers are applying incentives of up to 367 million VND for Outback models, pushing the car’s selling price from 2,099 billion VND to 1,732 billion VND. The heavily discounted car lot belongs to the latest facelift version just launched last April, not the old version.

At the time of launch, the new Subaru Outback was priced at 2,099 billion VND, slightly higher than 1,969 billion VND in its predecessor.

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