Close-up of Mitsubishi Outlander 2022, price remains the same but has upgraded experience

The CUV segment has more and more competitors with all kinds of ways to compete with each other, in which the Mitsubishi Outlander has just had a slight upgrade but still maintains the same price.

In fact, the 2022 version of Mitsubishi Outlander is not a completely new generation, but simply the company equipped with some new features for the car in terms of experience and a number of other active safety systems on both versions. Standard and premium versions.

can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiemcan-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem

The first thing that is most noticeable is that the wheels have been converted to a new design although the size 225/55/R18 remains the same. However, the new pattern helps the car look more luxurious, creating a big feeling compared to the old generation. In addition, the surrounding bumpers have been painted the same color as the car body instead of using black tones and still retain the chrome edges.

can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiemcan-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem

This design helps the car feel more seamless, no longer feeling disjointed like the previous generation. This can also be considered a new trend in the current car market. Unfortunately, the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander does not have the option to paint the black roof, which is currently popular with many people.

can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem

At the front, the car also has slight tweaks such as front and rear bumper details in the same color as the body, and chrome-plated fog light covers for more seamlessness. In addition, sensors around the vehicle can be seen to support safety functions. The car is also equipped with cameras in the rearview mirror, rear and front in a 360-degree camera system to help the driver observe more easily.

The exterior overview has not changed too much, apart from the details being changed to match the car’s body color. But inside the interior there are obvious changes, for example, the front and rear seats, door panels are covered with leather with diamond patterns, and some positions are covered with carbon. Although according to the version, there will be seat heating and electric backrest cushions.

can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiemcan-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem can-canh-mitsubishi-outlander-2022-gia-ban-giu-nguyen-but-with-cap-trai-nghiem

Next are equipment that is easy to see with the naked eye such as a new larger central screen that supports Apple and Android Auto connectivity, but at this time when buying a car early, it will be upgraded to an Android 9 screen. inches . In addition, there will be an additional rearview mirror with automatic anti-glare support.


In addition to the basic features, the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 Premium also has new assistance functions such as forward collision warning and mitigation, automatic headlights, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, and assist. Lane change, rear cross traffic warning and front sensors and 7 airbags around the car.


Unfortunately, in terms of operation, the Mitsubishi Outlander Premium 2022 only has 1 option with a 2.0L Mivec engine with a capacity of 145 horsepower at 6,000 Rpm and 196 Nm at 4,2000 Rpm, combined with a CVT gearbox and front-wheel drive. The more powerful 2.4L 2-wheel drive version has now been abandoned.


Unlike other competitors that often increase prices when updating new versions, Mitsubishi still maintains the listed price for Outlander 2022 when priced from 825 million VND to 950 million VND corresponding to 2 versions: Standard and Premium. . Currently, when buying a New Outlander at Mitsubishi Satsco dealers, buyers will also receive a physical insurance package, a 360-degree camera and can upgrade to a 9-inch audio this March.

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