BMW’s smallest SUV was accidentally revealed. If launched, it will be a counterweight to the Mercedes GLA about to be sold in Vietnam

Accidentally, a showroom in France revealed information about the next generation of the BMW X1 SUV, but the specific information is still kept secret.

Specifically, a BMW representative in Cholet, France is currently uploading advertisements for the launch event of the BMW X1 with teaser images showing the overall lines of the small SUV. However, according to BMW’s spokesperson, they know absolutely nothing about the above information and the launch time of the BMW X1 is also different from the above time.


Not long after that, the French BMW dealer’s promotional post was quickly removed from its social networking platforms. However, based on the above little information, it can be judged that the time when BMW launches the new generation X1 small SUV will not be far away.


Previously, paparazzi caught the test version running on the test track, through which we can see that the BMW X1 2022 has a larger heatsink and a more angular lighting system, but the interior is still the same. is still unknown. According to unconfirmed information, it is possible that the interior of the BMW X1 2022 will be somewhat similar to the new 2-Series Active Tourer.


It is highly likely that the new BMW hybrid.

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