Add a cheap C-class car model with a discount of over a hundred million, easy to get customers from Hyundai i10 or Kia Morning

After changing the distributor, the C-class sedan MG 5 has a new reduced price with the actual price starting at only 423 million VND.

With the disadvantage of not being an assembled car so it cannot enjoy policies from the State, the distributor has an incentive to support 100% registration fee but it is still not strong enough to create attraction. And recently MG 5 has a new program that can convert about 200% of the registration fee.


Specifically, the MG 5 Std standard version has a subsidy of 100 million VND and the Lux version has a discount of 125 million VND. This incentive is nearly equal to about 200% of the car’s listed price and is almost lower than the price of some B-class car models and on par with the price of A-class cars.

There are many reasons for the sharp price reduction of this car model, but most of them come from the fact that the market tends to grow slowly and there is still a lot of inventory, forcing dealers to have stronger discounts to Discharging goods to receive a new batch of cars.

MG 5 is positioned in the C-class sedan segment competing with direct competitors such as Kia K3 or Hyundai Elantra. The car has a sporty design with many similarities to European car models with a coupe-like roof.


The standard version is equipped with LED headlights, a large grille with 16-inch wheels, the highest version is equipped with 17-inch wheels and some details to create highlights on the exterior. Even though it is a low-cost car segment, the interior also has some outstanding details.

Specifically, the high-end version will have a 7-inch electronic driving meter, 10-inch central screen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection, push-button ignition, electronic brake, automatic air conditioning with integrated filter. air, rear seat air vents, sunroof….

Despite its sporty design, the engine configuration of the MG 5 is not highly appreciated when it is only equipped with a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 112 horsepower, 150 Nm, combined with a CVT gearbox that supports simulation. 8 levels and 2 basic driving modes.

Currently, MG 5 and other MG models are distributed by SAIC Motor Vietnam. The new unit also promises to bring new car models to Vietnam, notably the MG 7, positioned in the D-segment sedan segment competing with Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, Kia K5 or Honda Accord.

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