A series of cars receive a 100% reduction in registration fees during the month of the soul, buyers save hundreds of millions of dong

Poor purchasing power and the Government’s 50% registration fee support policy are not attractive enough to customers, forcing many car manufacturers and dealers to increase incentives to stimulate demand in the month of Ngau.

Below are the car models that will enjoy 100% registration fee in September 2023, helping buyers save a significant amount of money.

Toyota Vios gets incentives of nearly 60 million VND

HThe Japanese joint venture car company has launched a 50% registration fee discount program applicable to all versions of Toyota Vios from September 1. In addition to the 50% registration fee incentive for assembled vehicles from the Government, Toyota Vios 2023 buyers will enjoy 100% free registration fee this month, equivalent to saving from 48% of the registration fee. 59 million VND rolling cost, depending on the locality of registration for circulation.

Toyota Vios 2023 launched the Vietnamese market at the end of May with gSelling price is ranging from 479 592 million VND for 3 versions 1.5E MT, 1.5E CVT and 1.5G CVT.

Honda’s car series simultaneously decreased by nearly 70 million VND

Entering September 2023, the Honda City model will also be eligible for a 50% registration fee discount policy, but only for the G and L versions of this B-sized sedan. Meanwhile, the Honda City RS version does not receive this incentive.

Combined with the Government’s policy of reducing registration fees by 50% for domestically produced and assembled vehicles, customers who buy Honda City G and L will almost not have to pay this fee when registering the vehicle, corresponding to savings. from 56 59 million VND. City’s selling price ranges from 559 609 million VND.

Although it was just launched in July 2023 and is an imported car, the BR-V is the only model in Honda’s product range that is covered by 100% of registration fees from the company and dealers.

Honda BR-V is being distributed in 2 versions G (661 million VND) and L (705 million VND), but the 100% registration fee discount only applies to version G, while version L will only enjoy a 50% discount. % from agents and partners. Thus, if buying the BR-V G version, customers will save at least 66 million VND in rolling costs, while the reduction when buying the L version is from 35 – 42 million VND.

Customers who buy MG5 and MG ZS will save more than 50 million VND

MG5 which is the C-size sedan model with the lowest selling price in the segment when launched in the Vietnamese auto market in February 2022, with a price sell from 523 million VND (STD version) and 588 million VND (LUX version).

To increase competitiveness for MG5, SAIC Vietnam distributor, after taking over the MG brand from TanChong, continued to maintain incentives for this car model.

Accordingly, in September 2023, all versions of MG5 produced in 2023 will receive a 100% registration fee discount. The preferential level will help car owners reduce from 52 million to 59 million VND when registering.

Not only that, many MG dealers also apply their own program to push up the inventory of 2022 model cars, equivalent to a 150% reduction in registration fees, bringing the price after the incentive to only about 440 VND. 490 million VND, equivalent to an A-size car.

MG ZS was upgraded in July 2021 and imported from Thailand. The car has 3 versions including STD, COM and LUX with selling prices of 538, 588 and 638 million VND respectively.

Accordingly, along with MG5, MG ZS version new version You will also receive a 100% discount on registration fees, applicable to variables can COM and LUX, equivalent to a discount from 59 64 million VND, while the STD version will only receive 50% of the registration fee.

Suzuki XL7 and Ertiga Hybrid have reduction level from 60 100 million VND

The 100% registration fee support program was implemented by Suzuki Vietnam in August for two car models, XL7 and Ertiga Hybrid, but only applies to 2022 production models.

Present, Suzuki XL7 in progress has a selling price from 600 arrive 640 million VND, and Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid from 539 arrive 678 million VND. With superior program treat times This, the buyer will save approx 60 million VND when buying XL7, and Ertiga Hybrid will be a bargain respectively 54 million VND (MT version) and 100 million VND (AT version).

Subaru Forester nearly reduced 150 million dong

Continuing the August program, in September 2023, Subaru dealers still offer the Subaru Forester with a 100% registration fee discount for all 3 versions iL, iL EyeSight and iS EyeSight. Converted into money, the buyer will reduce the registration cost from 117 144 million VND.

New point above Subaru Forester’s EyeSight 4.0 safety system adds new features and this system is added on the iL version instead of only being available on the iS as before. The current selling price of Subaru Forester ranges from 969 million Dong arrived 1,199 billion VND.

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