Two Hyundai car models have announced their launch date in Vietnam, one car has an expected selling price of less than 1 billion

Hyundai distributor in Vietnam has just confirmed the launch of 2 new car models around mid-September this year along with official names.

Previously, many Hyundai dealers hinted that there would be two new car models sold in the Vietnamese market in the large-size segment and large MPV segment, and at the present time, TC Motor has also officially announced the launch date. launch point for this car model.


Accordingly, two car models, Hyundai Palisade and Hyundai Custin, will be launched on September 15, 2023. Among them, Hyundai Palisade is already present in Vietnam but is only an old version and serves internally and Hyundai Custin is a new large MPV model renamed from Custo like in the Taiwan market.

Dealers said the expected price of Hyundai Palisade is less than 2 billion VND and Hyundai Custin is about more than 900 million VND. However, TC Motor has not yet had any official confirmation about the selling price and equipment on these two new models.

Hyundai Palisade belongs to the large-size segment and is positioned to compete with rivals such as Ford Explorer, Toyota Prado, and Volkswagen Teramont. The officially sold version belongs to the facelift generation with Sensuous Sportiness design language.

Sales consultants say there is a high possibility that Hyundai Palisade in Vietnam will be equipped with a 3.8L V6 engine with a capacity of 291 horsepower, 355 Nm combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and 1 or 2 drive system. demand and promises to have an active safety technology package.


About Hyundai Custin, this is an MPV model developed by Beijing Hyundai joint venture in China based on the chassis and many exterior details of its brother Hyundai Tucson. The car has overall dimensions of 4,950 x 1,850 x 1,734 mm and a wheelbase of 3,055 mm.

Although positioned as a large MPV model, in terms of technical specifications, the Hyundai Custin has a size between the upcoming new generation Toyota Innova and the Kia Carnival. At the same time, the expected selling price is under 1 billion, so it is likely to be a direct competitor of Toyota Innova rather than its compatriot from Korea.

It is currently unclear which engine Hyundai Custin is equipped with in Vietnam. In Taiwan, this MPV model has a 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine configuration with a capacity of 170 horsepower, 235 Nm, front oil drive combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and 4 driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Eco and Smart. .

At the present time, in addition to confirming the launch information, TC Motor still does not have any additional information about the selling price, equipment as well as whether the car will be sold as domestically assembled or imported complete units.

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