The SUV series that once took the market by storm is now selling 100 to 200 million VND cheaper

Even though it’s the end of August, many popular SUV models still have discounts of more than a hundred million and can last until next month to stimulate shopping demand.

Normally, Ngau month is usually a month when traditional shopping is taboo, so there will be many strong incentives. However, this year seems different because from the beginning of the year, strong price subsidy programs began due to many factors related to the economy.

Honda CR-V

This is the car model with the earliest and longest promotion programs. At the present time, Honda CR-V is having a genuine incentive of nearly 150 million VND in September. In addition, to boost sales, many dealers are also willing to give an additional 50 million VND deducted directly from the selling price.

Because it is an assembled car model, it also enjoys an additional 50% policy from the State, so the total cumulative incentive is up to nearly 250 million VND. Currently, the listed price of Honda CRV ranges from 998 million VND to 1,118 billion VND for 3 different versions.

According to Vama and the company’s report, the Honda CR-V was the best-selling car model in July with 467 cars sold on the market. Currently, there are many rumors about a strong price reduction, in addition to stimulating sales, it is also said that this is a move to release goods to welcome the new version.

Subaru Forester

Although it has some strength in performance compared to competitors in the segment, overall, it is difficult to suit the tastes of Vietnamese users, so Subaru Forester’s sales are difficult to meet expectations even though the car’s price is cheaper. more bearable before switching to imports from Thailand.


To continue to increase user attraction, Subaru continues to maintain a 100% registration fee discount for Subaru Forester with 3 sessions iL, iL EyeSight and iS EyeSight with listed prices of 969 million, 1,099 billion and 1,199 VND. billions dong. So if you do a quick calculation, the car has a decrease from 117 million VND to 144 million VND.

In addition, cars with Vin number 2022 will receive an additional 3-year insurance package worth 29 million VND for the standard version, iL EyeSight is 60 million VND and iS EyeSight is 36 million VND. Not to mention a number of other included accessories depending on the version.

Toyota Fortuner

Once a storm in the 7-seat SUV segment, but slow innovation has caused the Toyota Fortuner to no longer retain its initial appeal. The car is currently being discounted by dealers from 50 to 80 million VND depending on the version.


In addition, some domestically assembled versions also enjoy an additional 50% registration fee incentive according to State policy. So, if calculated quickly, the total incentive for domestically assembled versions will be reduced to the highest of up to 125 million VND.

In Vietnam, Toyota Fortuner is distributed in 5 versions with prices ranging from 1,026 to 1,478 billion VND. The two versions use a 2.7L gasoline engine imported from Thailand, while the 2.4L and 2.8L diesel versions are assembled domestically.

Ford Territory

Compared to other competitors, the Ford Territory is considered a new rookie in the segment but has quite good sales and is ranked only behind the Mazda CX-5 in the first 7 months of 2023. However, the Ford Territory still has incentives. to attract users as soon as competitor CX-5 has a new update.


Specifically, all three versions of Ford Territory including Trend, Titanium and Titanium 50% additional registration fee because it is a domestically assembled vehicle.

So if you add up the incentives, the highest promotion level of Ford Territory will be up to nearly 100 million VND depending on the version. Notably, all 3 versions of the Ford Territory have the only option of a 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine with a capacity of 160 horsepower, 248 Nm with a 7-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

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