Take a close look at the new Land Rover Defender 130 to see how well it suits Vietnamese customers

More seats and not increasing prices too much will be something that Vietnamese customers always like.

The extended version of the luxury off-road vehicle Land Rover Defender was officially launched with the name Defender 130, distinguishing it from the standard 5-door Defender 110 and the previous three-door Defender 90. Although it is 340 mm longer, bringing the total length of the vehicle to 5,358 mm, the wheelbase of this Defender 130 version remains the same at 3,022 mm similar to the Defender 110.


The Defender 130’s extended space is used to improve the third row of seats to 3 seats, helping the large SUV now comfortably carry up to 8 people. The car is also sold with a 5-seat configuration. Unlike the previous 110 with two small seats in the back, the third row of Defender 130 is now a bit more spacious.


Along with that, the rear luggage space has also been expanded. When using all three rows of seats, the car has a luggage compartment capacity of 389 liters, using two rows of seats there will be a luggage compartment capacity of 1,232 liters and 2,291 liters available when using only the two front seats. Customers who buy an ax can choose additional features such as third-row seats with heated seats, an expansive panoramic sunroof, four-zone independent air conditioning, etc.

The difference of Land Rover Defender 130 compared to other versions includes a large 11.4-inch entertainment screen located in the center, air suspension is also standard equipment of this version. The car will have an exclusive paint color, Sedona Red.


In terms of performance, the Defender 130’s lowest engine equipped by Land Rover is a 3.0-liter Ingenium gasoline engine, generating 300 horsepower and 470 Nm of torque. The more advanced version uses the Ingenium 3.0 6-cylinder engine, generating 400 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque.

Along with that, the car also has the option of a D300 diesel engine with a maximum capacity of 295 horsepower and torque of up to 650 Nm. In the US market, the car will have a version with a 3.0-liter mild-hybrid engine, generating 296 horsepower and 395 horsepower.

The vehicle also has off-road parameters similar to the two versions of Defender 90 and Defender 110. Meanwhile, the starting angle is slightly narrower, to only 28.5 degrees. The ability to wade into deep water remains the same as the two shorter models.


Land Rover Defender 130 in the US market will have a starting price of 68,000 USD for the P300 version. In the UK, the car is priced from 73,895 GBP and the highest is 100,645 GBP for the P400

More seats and not increasing prices too much will be something that Vietnamese customers always like. Furthermore, the price conditions in Vietnam hardly allow for one car per person like other countries. One car must be able to be used by many people in the household when needed, and many people must travel at the same time. The 8-seat car therefore meets this need.

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