Rare in Vietnam, Toyota Camry has a special version in Thailand

In the Thai market, Toyota Camry has just added a new version, mainly equipped with additional motifs to create highlights for the car and the price also increased slightly.

In fact, this is the 60th Anniversary 2022 version available on some Toyota models distributed in the Thai market. Specifically, the D Toyota Camry sedan model has been added with some new details such as black “C” shaped trim at the two front corners instead of chrome plating, exterior mirror caps, and painted rear middle brace. dark color.


Comes with a set of 18-inch wheels painted black to create a highlight, a two-tone exterior with a dark roof, and the 60th Anniversary logo on the front fenders. Different from other competitors, instead of removing it, the Toyota Camry 60th Anniversary still retains the chrome trim in some details.

hiem-hang-in-viet-nam-toyota-camry-has-them-ban-dac-specific-in-thai-lan hiem-hang-in-viet-nam-toyota-camry-has-them-ban-dac-specific-in-thai-lan

The interior of the Toyota Camry 60th Anniversary is not too different from the regular version, there are still equipment such as gear shift lever, analog clock combined with a 7-inch color screen, 9-inch central screen, HUD screen, 3-zone automatic air conditioning, sunroof, wireless charging, rear seats can adjust recline. Notably, the 60th Anniversary logo appears on the front seat headrest and has a red thread border to create a highlight.

In addition to safety features, the car also has a driver assistance package such as tire pressure, cross-traffic warning when reversing, 360-degree camera, front/rear parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, automatic headlights. system, early collision prevention system with integrated braking, lane departure warning with automatic steering, lane following assist and adaptive cruise control.


Regarding vehicle operation, there are still two options including a 2.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 209 horsepower, 250 Nm with an 8-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive and a hybrid version combined with an electric motor for maximum capacity. 211 horsepower with E-CVT gearbox.


The selling price of the Toyota Camry 60th Anniversary is approximately from 1.09 to 1.24 billion VND depending on the version. The company does not provide sales numbers of this model, but each Toyota showroom in Thailand will only have one Toyota Camry 60th Anniversary with a more special dark gray exterior color.


In Vietnam, the new generation Toyota Camry has prices ranging from 1.07 to 1.46 billion VND for the 4 versions currently on sale. However, the above price is only a suggestion from the company, buyers also have to pay an additional cost of 60 to 130 million VND just to receive the car early instead of having to wait for a long time, but the car still has sales. highest in the D-class sedan segment.

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