Nearly 200 million VND off for Subaru cars worth more than one billion VND

Facing many disadvantages compared to other competitors in the segment, Subaru distributor has provided price subsidies for the Forester model with a reduction of more than 180 million VND.

Subaru Forester is a completely imported car from Thailand, so it does not enjoy the Government’s 50% registration fee incentive like domestically produced and assembled competitors. In addition, the price of this car model is also somewhat higher than the average as well as the design philosophy does not suit Vietnamese people’s taste.


Therefore, to increase its appeal to users as well as stimulate sales, Subaru Vietnam continues to maintain incentives for the Forester car line. Accordingly, the company still has the 100% registration fee support policy, but the company also gives away other accessories, specifically:

Subaru Forester iL has a reduction of 117 million VND, equivalent to 100% of the registration fee, along with 3 years of insurance worth about 29 million VND. iL EyeSight version is reduced by 132 million VND, 3 years of insurance is equivalent to 33 million VND, an upgraded accessory set worth 23.5 million VND and an automatic mirror folding set is 3.5 million VND. However, this gift set is not convertible to cash.


iS EyeSight version is reduced by 144 million VND and 3 years of insurance is worth 36 million VND. Notably, the cars given 3 years of insurance are all cars with Vin number 2022, this shows that the inventory is still quite large.

Although not highly appreciated for its design, the Subaru Forester has many advantages in terms of performance as well as the EyeSight active safety assistance technology package. Accordingly, the car is equipped with a 2.0L engine with a capacity of 154 horsepower, 196 Nm, comes with an S-AWD drive system and a CVT continuously variable transmission that supports 7-speed virtual gear simulation.


Compared to other competitors, the Subaru Forester is being strongly supported in price and is followed by the Honda CR-V with a cash discount of about 150 million VND. In addition, competitors often take advantage of policies from the State combined with other complimentary accessories.

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