Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series has a new version, suitable for nostalgic people

The legendary cross-country sports car Land Cruiser 70 Series has just added a new version, more compact than the original as well as upgraded with some new technology.

The new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series still retains the typical design lines from 40 years ago, this can also be considered a legend of cross-country sports cars. Recently, the company has just added a 3-door version in addition to the 5-door version.


In addition, more images of the pickup variant of this legendary car model also appeared on car associations. Returning to the 3-door version, it is attracting attention, especially in the off-road world thanks to its compact design with a wheelbase of 2,310 mm and a height of 4,235 mm. This parameter shows that the car is only slightly longer than the Toyota Yaris Cross.

Although it still has a classic design, the car still has round LED headlights, exposed turn signals, chrome front bumper, and square taillights to help make the car’s appearance more refined. In some markets, the car is Equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with large tires.


The leather-wrapped interior comes with a 9-inch central screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, but the sound system only has 2 speakers. In addition, the car has an electronic driving meter and steering wheel with integrated function keys.

Regarding safety, the car only has basic safety equipment such as 2 airbags, ABS brakes, pre-collision warning, lane departure warning, etc. Depending on the market, there will be hill start assist, tire pressure warning and daytime lights.


Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series will have 2 engine equipment including a 4.0L V6 gasoline engine with a capacity of 228 horsepower, 360 Nm or a diesel engine with 2 options of 2.8L or 4.5L V8. All come with 4-wheel drive system, 6-speed automatic transmission. However, not every market has enough engine options.

In the Middle East, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series 2024 3-door version has a converted price of more than 1.12 billion VND and from 1.18 billion VND for the 5-door version, the above price only applies to gasoline engine configuration. The pickup version does not have a price quote yet, in addition, the Japanese market is also distributed this vehicle line.

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