The dealer decided not to reduce the price of Honda CR-V e:HEV, only giving incentives for other versions

Although the manufacturer does not have any incentive programs, the dealer has stronger incentives to boost sales, but the Honda CR-V e:HEV version does not have much support.

The new generation of Honda CR-V causes market fever because of its completely new upgrades, but at a somewhat difficult time due to the effects of the economic recession. So even though there has been a significant upgrade, this new model’s sales are still not as good as expected.

Faced with that situation, many dealers have had their own incentives to boost sales as well as avoid inventory at the end of the year. Accordingly, at some showrooms there are programs such as a 50% reduction in registration fees combined with State incentives, so users can save from 111 to 115 million VND.

But, this offer only applies to the G and L versions, the L AWD and e:Hev versions are not eligible for this offer. The L AWD version only gets a discount of 40 million VND with some accessories, the e:HEV version only gets body insurance and accessories.

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However, this is the dealer’s policy so there will be differences between showrooms and no uniformity. And after the price reduction, the Honda CR-V is still somewhat higher than the general average, while competitors such as Mazda CX-5 are priced from 749 million VND, Hyundai Tucson is priced from 769 million VND, Kia Sportage and Ford Territory are priced from 769 million VND. Prices are 799 million VND and 822 million VND respectively, excluding promotions.

The Honda CR-V has just been launched not too long ago, and in the first 10 months of 2023, there were only 4,210 cars sold on the market, behind the Mazda CX-5 and Ford Territory. The new generation of Honda CR-V scores points by adding a lot of technology for users and has the same number of options as the Mazda CX-5.

In particular, this is also the first time Honda Vietnam has brought a hybrid electric car to the country. The e:HEV version is equipped with hybrid technology with a 2.0L gasoline engine combined with an electric motor for more than 200 horsepower with an additional Sport mode. This is also the most powerful version in this launch. Unfortunately, the hybrid version in Vietnam does not have an AWD option like in Thailand.

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