Still in inventory, Kia K5 produced in 2022 has a strong discount at dealerships, cheaper than Honda Civic

Some Kia dealers are running promotions of nearly 140 million VND for the Kia K5 D-class sedan with a rolling price of only 720 million VND.

Since changing its name and upgrading to a completely new generation, the Kia K5 has had significantly better sales than the previous generation thanks to new designs suitable for the market and a more affordable price. However, in the context of a somewhat slow market growth, this model’s sales have also slowed down even though there are quite good incentives.


Accordingly, some dealers are offering the Kia K5 at prices ranging from 784 million VND for the standard version and 839 million VND for the Premium version, about 65 million VND lower than the listed price for cars with Vin 2022 numbers, Version 2023 has less support.

But to speed up inventory, some places are offering the standard version at a price of 720 million VND, nearly 140 million VND lower than the proposed price but only applies to the Luxury version. Thanks to that, the actual price at the dealer is even lower than the Toyota Corolla Altis or Honda Civic. Unfortunately, the GT-Line sports version does not have these incentives.


Kia K5 2022 and 2023 have no difference from equipment to design, only the year of production, the car is currently priced at 859 million VND, 904 million VND and 999 million VND respectively for 3 Luxury versions. , Premium and GT-Line, thanks to domestic assembly, enjoy a 50% reduction in registration fees, along with a number of other gifts at the dealership.

This D-class sedan has a rejuvenating design thanks to its fastback design, along with a variety of interior equipment. However, the car still does not have a driver assistance safety technology package or hybrid technology like the current trend, in return the car has the most accessible price in the segment. Regarding operation, the car is equipped with 2 configurations including a 2.0L gasoline engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower/ 192 Nm and a 2.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 191 horsepower/ 246 Nm. All three versions come with front-wheel drive.


According to sales reports, in the first 10 months of 2023, there were 827 cars sold on the market, slightly less than the Mazda 6 and Toyota Camry and ranked above the Honda Accord. In Korea and some other major markets, Kia K5 has a new upgraded version expected to be available in Vietnam in the near future.

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