Many used VinFast cars are sold, with all models and prices making many people suspicious

In this sale, there are all VinFast gasoline car models offered for sale at unbelievable prices starting from only 300 million VND.

On used car buying and selling groups, there are a large number of used VinFast cars being offered for sale with an average price from 300 to 345 million VND depending on the version and currently for the class A urban car model – Fadill, and including VinFast Lux A and SA.


According to information, these are the cars that were bought back by VinFast through the old-for-new program – Smart Solution and this may be the last batch of used cars released to the market. This is also completely accurate as most of the cars sold are from the 2019 – 2020 model year.

Thanks to that, the price difference is not too large, for example, the Lux A sedan has a price ranging from 530 million VND to 655 million VND, while the Lux SA SUV model has an average price of 660 to 850 million VND. In addition, this price also changes depending on the condition, version as well as where the vehicle is registered.


Compared to the general level, the selling price of this batch of cars is not much different from the used car market, however this batch of cars has a large quantity so users can have more diverse choices. In addition to the lot of cars from Smart Solution, currently at some dealers there are still a few Lux A cars with Vin number 2022 completely for sale from 600 to 690 million VND in Advanced and Premium versions, with few color options. sharp.

Currently, VinFast has stopped developing gasoline cars and has switched to focusing on developing electric cars. Previously, VinFast Fadil had a suggested retail price of 352 to 419 million VND, Lux A from 880 to 1,074 billion VND and Lux ​​SA from 1.16 to 1,423 billion VND. Among them, two models Fadil and Lux ​​A are very popular with users.

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