Just launched, a Toyota car was sold with peanuts for nearly 300 million VND

Introduced in Vietnam not long ago, the luxury MPV model Toyota Alphard has been offered by private showrooms for several hundred million dong higher than the company’s price.

Toyota Vietnam has officially introduced the new generation Alphard luxury MPV model with a suggested price from 4.37 billion VND and is sold by pre-order. Because this is a high-end car model in the luxury segment, there are few cars available to users.


Faced with that factor, many private dealers are also offering the Toyota Alphard 2024 model for sale with a starting price of more than 4.6 billion VND, this price is on average about 300 million VND higher than the genuine price, but in return for users. You can receive the car immediately or not too long compared to a genuine car.

In addition, the Toyota Alphard 2024 is an imported car model from the Japanese market, so it does not receive registration fee support from the State and is typically a luxury and high-end car, so there are almost no promotional policies for users when purchasing. Buying a car, so to roll this MPV model, buyers need to spend no less than 5 billion VND.


The fact that luxury car models are often higher than the announced price is not uncommon, it seems to be a common practice in the Vietnamese market because demand exceeds supply. But at the present time, the economic market is somewhat stagnant, most luxury car models have sharply reduced prices, except for a few special models such as Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX600 or recently Toyota Alphard.

In the 2024 version, Toyota Alphard does not have too many design changes but is built on the new TNGA-K chassis, improving noise resistance and higher stability. The car still has equipment such as 3D headlights/taillights, 2-tone wheels, heated rear mirrors, position memory, etc.


Inside the interior compartment of the Toyota Alphard 2024, there are many benefits for the second row of seats such as business equipment for passengers with a series of options such as integrated heating, massage, ventilation, foot cushions, and a touch screen that allows Adjust curtains, air conditioning, ceiling lights, etc.

The driver’s front is equipped with a 12.3-inch driving meter, floating central screen, heated steering wheel and seats, 220V power outlet, in addition, there are a series of other options such as automatic air conditioning, seats. electricity, position memory, rear door control, etc.


Toyota Alphard has 2 engine options, specifically the standard version uses a 2.4L turbocharged engine combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the hybrid version uses a 2.5L gasoline engine combined with an electric motor with a gearbox. E-CVT and all front-wheel drive.

Compared to the selling price, this MPV model seems to have no competitors, the closest is the Mercedes-Benz V-Class with a selling price of nearly 3.7 billion VND but does not have as many equipment. More advanced is the Lexus LM with prices ranging from 7.2 to more than 8.6 billion VND.

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