In the remaining months of 2023, the selling price of motorbikes will continue to decline, with some vehicles still below the recommended level.

In the last months of 2023, at some authorized Honda dealers (HEAD), most motorbike models are discounted to the floor to attract buyers as well as increase sales. A series of motorbike models are being offered for sale at prices lower than the suggested price, along with many attractive gifts.

First, the standard version of Honda Vision is priced at 32 million VND, the premium version is 33 million VND (a difference of about 200,000 to nearly 900,000 VND compared to the proposed price). Similarly, the special and sports versions are priced from 35 and 37 million VND, respectively, and the classic version recently introduced by the company is priced at 37.5 million VND, also a difference of nearly 1 million VND compared to the previous version. propose.

Besides, the selling price of Honda Air Blade 125 and 160 at dealers is showing signs of falling sharply. Specifically, the standard Air Blade 160 ABS is priced at 56 – 56.5 million VND, depending on the location (about 700,000 VND lower than the suggested price), the Air Blade 125 CBS special edition is priced at 41.5 – 42 million VND. VND (nearly 1.8 million VND lower than the proposed price) and Air Blade 125 CBS standard version price is 40 to 40.5 million VND.

In this November, Honda LEAD standard version recorded the strongest decrease of 1.55 million VND compared to the listed price from 39.55 million VND to 38 million VND. The special and high-end versions of this scooter model have listed prices of VND 42.79 million and VND 41.71 million, respectively, now only VND 42 million and VND 41 million, respectively.

No exception, at Honda dealers in the central area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, Honda SH 125i and SH 160i scooter models continue to receive many great incentives. In particular, the Honda SH 125i sports version is being sold for 85.5 million VND, down more than 500,000 VND compared to last month. Meanwhile, SH 125 standard version, premium version and special version keep the selling price at 75 million, 84 million and 85 million VND respectively.

Compared to October 2023, the standard version of the Honda SH 160 has decreased by 1 million VND to 92 million VND, while the sports version recorded the deepest decrease of 4 million VND to 104 million VND. However, the two premium versions (103 million VND) and special versions (104 million VND) have no change in price in many stores. The “best” model in the SH family, the SH 350i, at the dealer also decreased by nearly 3 million VND, lower than the company’s listed price, to about 127 million VND.

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