Hyundai Tucson 2025 has a new upgrade, some details are similar to Mercedes-Benz luxury cars

The mid-life upgraded version of the C-class high-undercarriage model does not have many changes on the exterior, but mainly upgrades come from the inside.

Korea’s largest automobile manufacturer has just revealed information and images about the facelift version of the C-size SUV Hyundai Tucson, which will be launched in the European market in the near future. Accordingly, the main changes come from the space inside the car.


Although there is not too much information, based on the image, we can see that the front of the car has slightly changed with the grille and Parametric Jewel headlights being tweaked and somewhat separated. The lower front bumper is also slightly different.


Some other parts such as the wheels and rear of the car also have slight changes, but there are no confirmed images. However, the interior has a big change when the entire car dashboard is changed to a flat design, no longer layered like the previous generation.


Specifically, the car is equipped with a minimalist 3-spoke steering wheel, with a large dual screen integrated with the driving clock and central screen both of the same size of 12.3 inches, and the air conditioning vents are made narrow. The air conditioning control panel also has a transformation.


Notably, the center pedestal no longer has a number pad, but instead has a large wireless charging table and cup holders. The gear lever cluster has been changed to be placed behind the steering wheel similar to Mercedes-Benz cars but with minor design changes. According to the manufacturer, Hyundai Tucson will have two new colors: matte green and metallic red on the exterior. The interior is also added with 3 new color tones including green, black and gray. Currently, information about equipment, engines, technology, and opening time has not been announced.

In Vietnam, Hyundai Tucson once took the market by storm when it continuously fell out of stock. However, the influence of the market economy has changed this situation. Hyundai Tucson has just had its proposed price changed, so in October there were 1,249 vehicles delivered and cumulatively in the first 10 months of the year there were 3,840 vehicles. The car is sold on the market.

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