Honda Civic Type R has an official price of nearly 2.4 billion VND, more expensive than both C-Class and 3 Series

The Honda Civic Type R street sports car model has been announced with an official selling price of VND 2,399 billion, significantly higher than previous rumors.

Although it was previously launched at VMS 2022, it was not until the last day of 2022 that the Japanese car company announced the official selling price for the Honda Civic Type R street sports car model with a proposed price of VND 2,399 billion. However, the car is sold on a limited basis and according to unconfirmed information, all purchases at the present time have been deposited.

honda civil-type

In the Vietnamese market, the Honda Civic Type R has almost no competitors in the segment, however according to the price segment, the car is positioned to compete with competitors such as Subaru WRX, Mercedes-AMG A 35, BMW 330i M Sport or Hyundai Elantra N is about to be introduced.

honda civil-type

Unlike the regular Honda Civic, the Type R version has a sporty Hatchback design with advantages such as a low center of gravity and a spacious interior. In addition, the Type R model has been refined in design by the company to achieve maximum aerodynamics.

honda civil-type

The Type R version still has many differences compared to the RS version such as having a sportier body, an expanded grille, removing the fog light cavity and adding air vents on the hood. Notably, the car is equipped with lightweight 19-inch wheels, with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires combined with aluminum Brembo brakes and steel brake discs.

honda civil-type honda civil-type

Inside the interior, the Honda Civic Type R still has the same overall design as other versions but has additional details such as an integrated Honda LogR central screen that displays and stores race information and a stopwatch. The driving meter has a customizable interface depending on the driving mode. The “Type R” logo appears in many locations, the gear lever is made of metal, and has a main color of black and red, sports seats, etc.

honda civil-type

Honda Civic is equipped with a 2.0L Vtec Turbo engine with a capacity of 315 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, 420Nm at 2,600 – 4,000 rpm, combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, the car also has an automatic throttle system – Rev match system to optimize driving feel as well as engine performance.

honda civil-type

It is expected that the first Honda Civic Type R cars will be delivered in the second quarter of 2023. Currently, the street sports car segment is almost budding with the appearance of Civic Type R and before that, Mercedes-AMG A 35 or the upcoming Hyundai Elantra N. In addition, users still have other options with accessible prices in the lower segment such as Kia K3 GT Turbo, Hyundai Elantra N Line, Honda Civic RS.

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