Electricity prices change, how does the charging cost of VinFast electric vehicles increase?

After EVN adjusted electricity prices to an average increase of 4.5% compared to the present, the cost of charging batteries at VinFast’s public charging stations has changed.

Previously on November 9, 2023, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) announced an adjustment to the average retail electricity price of 2,006.79 VND/kWh (excluding VAT), 4.5% higher. Compared to the current average retail electricity price, VinFast has made moves to change charging costs at public charging posts.


Specifically, before November 15, 2023, the cost of charging electric vehicles at public charging stations is 3,117.4 VND/kWh, then after November 15, 2023, users must pay the price of 3,355 VND/kWh (already included). including VAT), 236.6 VND higher per kWh.

Unit prices will change according to market prices when announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This is also the second time VinFast has adjusted electric charging prices at public charging stations in 2023. The first adjustment was announced in June with an increase of 93.5 VND per kWh.

According to VinFast, there are currently 150,000 charging ports nationwide, of which more than 106 national highways and expressways have regular and super-fast charging station infrastructure. In cities and centers, VinFast also arranges charging stations with an average distance of no more than 3.5 km between two stations.


Before announcing the adjustment of electric charging prices at public charging stations, in early November, VinFast adjusted the rental package with 2 fixed prices for two forms of less than 3,000 km and over 3,000 km for 1 month, no The method of calculating the number of additional kilometers is the same as before.

Specifically, VinFast VF 5 Plus has a battery rental price of 1.6 million VND when traveling under 3,000 km and 2.7 million VND if traveling over 3,000 km. Corresponding to VinFast 6 is 1.8 million VND and 3 million VND, VinFast VF e34 is 2.7 million VND and 3.5 million VND.

With VinFast VF 8 being 2.9 million VND and 4.8 million VND, the VinFast VF 9 SUV model has the highest price of 4.5 million VND and 6.9 million VND. In addition, users also have to pay an additional battery rental deposit with the lowest fee being 15 million VND for VinFast VF5 Plus and the highest fee being VF 9 with a fee of 70 million VND.

Battery rental and battery deposit fees are effective from and apply to customers who buy cars or make deposits from November 1, 2023. For users using the old battery rental package, it will continue to remain the same and if there is a need to switch to a new battery rental package, there will be no additional cost.

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