Customers “accused” Honda Vietnam of refusing to warranty the newly purchased SH160i with less than 2,200km of driving.

The owner of a Honda SH160i has just shared on social networks about Honda Vietnam refusing to warranty the SH160i, which has run less than 2,200km and has many rust spots appearing around the vehicle.

According to the owner of the Honda SH160i car: “SH160i car manufactured year 2023, purchased on August 2, 2023. As of November 4, 2023, the number of kilometers traveled was 2,140Km, the car had peeling paint and rust at most of the frame welds, fuel tank and exhaust pipes.

“After receiving feedback from me and Head Minh Thinh Phat 3, Honda Vietnam called and replied: This error is not due to poor quality of the vehicle but arose during use and refused warranty (only refunds). over the phone).

“The car is in the city. HCM, no swimming at all. Just been around my new house for 3 months and 2,100km and it’s rusted like that. But I think if a car in a coastal area is only 3 months old and rusts like that, who would dare to buy it?the owner of the Honda SH160i added.

Along with the pictures of rust streaks posted by the owner of the Honda SH160i, there are also two opinions, one side supports the car owner but there are also sides who disagree with the way this car owner “scandalized” the dealership. /car company.

“It’s difficult for you, because it looks like a manufacturing defect, so it’s not just your car but also many other cars that haven’t been discovered yet. If you agree to warranty it, you’ll have to do it for the other cars as well. Is Honda stressed?the megamega account owner shared.

“My car also has some spots similar to the picture. I bought it on August 28, 2023. Even the exhaust and front exhaust are rusted.”Vannes commented.

“It’s difficult to claim a warranty for rust like this, the company will rely on the user’s reasons during use. However, it is true that Honda Vietnam is really poor quality. The 199x Thai Dream is still shining brightly in most locations, even though it is only washed with rain water + alum water (in the countryside there is only drilled well water, no tap water).”said Trunghq119.

“In general, the owner is too meticulous. Looking at the few spots, excluding the gas tank, it’s normal. If you wash the car with borehole water, it’s easy to do the same, because it’s all hidden places, and water easily accumulates. Vehicles left overnight in the rain are also vulnerable, especially the brake parts.the zaimtc account owner commented.

“This rust problem is not a technical error, but it is difficult to get a warranty”said thedv09.

“I think we can’t blame the company for this. We have to review our usage process. Nowadays, car wash shops use a lot of corrosive chemicals (most places use them to wash quickly and extremely cleanly). Using those chemicals won’t rust immediately, but if you don’t spray them cleanly, they will stay in cavities like in your car, causing the paint to rust. Looking at the pictures, most of your car’s rust is in the areas where water is most likely to accumulate, but if the paint company makes a mistake, it will have hot spots or long streaks of lightning. In general, there are many factors that affect only one car, so we can’t subjectively blame the company.”Huy Thieu commented.

“First of all, if you want a warranty, you have to have a plan… actually, according to your car’s condition, it’s possible that the car was washed without touching it with chemicals that weren’t fully processed… but going in the rain won’t be as bad as that. So… the warranty is only due to the manufacturer’s fault, but such a situation is very difficult to warranty.” Rachels gave her personal opinion.

Washing your motorbike at home seems easy, but it’s not what people think

Washing a car is quite simple, so many people choose to wash it at home to save money or because they don’t have time to go to the shop. However, you also need to pay attention to a few things during the car washing process to avoid harming your motorbike.

Using poor quality towels

Do not use old, torn, or damaged clothes to make cleaning towels. Because using hard, dry wipes that do not guarantee quality and improper cleaning methods can cause scratches on the car’s paint surface along the swirls and lines of your wipe.

Therefore, you should use specialized car cleaning towels made from microfiber cloth and use at least 3 towels for 3 basic areas such as the clock face, car paint surface and wheels.

Use dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent

Most people who wash their cars at home often use dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent mixed with water to wash their cars. These detergents all contain a higher concentration of acid than specialized car wash solutions, so even though these substances have high cleaning ability, they are very easy to corrode and peel off the paint layer on the motorbike, causing the vehicle to accelerate quickly. discolored and older.

Instead of using dishwashing liquid, soap… you should equip a specialized solution for motorbikes. These cleaning solutions include dirt-cleaning ingredients, helping to remove stubborn stains without damaging the paint surface.

Wash the car while the engine is still hot

If you wash your car yourself, you should leave it in a shaded area or choose a time in the early morning or afternoon when the sun is not too harsh and you should have some time to cool down if the car has just traveled a long distance. or works for quite a long time.

Washing your car in the hot sun or with sudden changes in temperature can easily damage the car’s exterior paint. Water droplets combined with detergent left on the car are quickly dried by high ambient temperatures, creating stains on the paint surface as well as other details.

On the other hand, at that time the engine is very hot. If you use a pressure washer to wash the car immediately, the engine location exposed to water will suddenly lose heat compared to other locations, shrinking while other parts is expanding. This uneven elasticity easily causes the car’s mechanical parts to deform and even crack.

Spray water directly into the exhaust hole and spark plug

Spraying water directly into the exhaust hole and spark plug can cause many unpredictable consequences, causing water to stagnate and easily rust after a period of use.

If water gets into the engine, it will make it difficult for the engine to operate, and if the brake system is filled with water, it will no longer be effective… In addition, if water is sprayed on the spark plug, it will easily cause difficulty in ignition, making it difficult for the engine to start or even damage the system. electricity.

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