Close-up of VinFast VF5 Plus in Saigon, a small electric car model for urban areas

Following the success of the series of display events in Hai Phong and Hanoi, recently, VinFast VF5 Plus officially arrived in the city. Ho Chi Minh with stop at Landmark 81.

Displayed for the first time, VinFast VF5 Plus made a strong and surprising impression with its modern body and youthful color scheme. After stopping production of gasoline cars, VinFast VF5 Plus will be the ideal car model to replace Fadil, a class A Hatchback model that is very popular in the Vietnamese market. VF5 Plus has a modern design, written by a world-famous design studio.

The body of the VinFast VF5 Plus is shaped by muscular ribbed details, wheel arches painted in the same exterior color, and a floating hood in the same style as the older models. The front of the car has a sealed grille, a familiar shaped LED strip and in the middle is the familiar V logo.

VF5 Plus is the first car model in the class A high-clearance car segment with basic equipment such as halogen headlights and taillights, 17-inch wheels, notably the car is equipped with disc brakes on both front and rear. It is still unclear whether the two light strips can light up or not, but the rear mirror cluster has an additional camera eye that could be part of the 360 ​​camera system.

VF5 Plus has a distinctive orange color and the roof and rear mirror covers are painted silver to create contrast. The rear of the car only has the VinFast logo and the car’s name, not the words VinFast like other car models. There are still no actual images of the car’s interior.

However, CafeAuto The interior space of the car is still not accessible. However, according to images provided by the company, the space inside VinFast VF5 Plus will have a D-Cut sports steering wheel, electronic driving clock, central touch screen, and gear knob cluster, unfortunately. The car still uses a mechanical handbrake instead of electronic as the current trend.

The car’s equipment is still unknown, but it’s possible that VinFast VF5 Plus will have features such as cruise control, rear traffic warning, blind spot warning, traffic flow warning when opening the door, and parking assistance. rear, emergency braking, electronic balance, hill departure and tire pressure warning.

In terms of operation, VinFast VF5 Plus is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of about 134 horsepower, 135 Nm and a Ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 37.23 kWh. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle can run about 300 kn on a full charge according to NEDC testing.

In addition, VinFast VF5 Plus takes about 18 hours to fully charge the battery pack if using standard 2.2 kW charger or fast charging from 10% to 70% in 30 minutes. The car is priced at 538 million VND including battery and 458 million VND if using battery rental for a fee of 1.6 million VND/month with unlimited km.

VinFast VF5 Plus is an urban car model in the A-SUV segment, priced at 458 million VND (excluding battery) and 538 million VND (including battery). The fixed monthly battery rental fee for customers who buy a car without a battery is 1.6 million VND/month. VinFast commits that customers will have a fixed battery rental price throughout the product life cycle based on the price at the time of receiving the car.

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