After nearly 4 years, the Tesla Cybertruck is available at dealerships

It took a long time, but the world’s first Cybertrucks have been available at a number of dealers in the US since their launch many years ago.

In November 2019, the American electric car company Tesla officially introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup model with a strange design and until 4 years later, the first commercial versions were available at dealers, attracting a lot of people. viewers.


The car is expected to be handed over to users from November 30, 2023. Currently, Tesla Cybertruck is on display at more than 10 official stores across North America. Some places had more visitors than expected and at times had to queue.

Each store has only one Tesla Cybertruck on display with a protective fence, viewers can view, take pictures, and record videos but cannot approach. Other Tesla models allow for more comfortable viewing even outside the car.


It can be seen that although Tesla is successful in bringing customers to stores to see the car, nothing can be confirmed about Cybertruck sales. This can be seen as a move to attract users, and at the same time invite and order more Teslas.

Tesla Cybertruck first appeared as a concept on November 21, 2019 and accepted pre-orders with a deposit of 100 USD. By November 23, 2019, Elon Musk said Tesla had received 146,000 pre-orders and by November 26, 2019, 250,000 orders. In July this year, the first Cybertruck was produced at the Gigafactory Texas factory, USA, with the announced delivery schedule to begin at the end of November.


Tesla once said there would be 3 versions of Cybertruck, including versions from 1 to 3 electric motors, and the converted price ranges from 970 million to 1.69 billion VND. Quite surprisingly, the company immediately removed the selling price but still allowed customers to book the car. The car’s price is expected to be announced in the near future.

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