5 types of documents required to change driver’s license online from December 1, 2023

With 5 types of documents and 6 steps, users can change their driver’s license online from December 1, 2023.

According to the provisions of Circular 63, users can use online public services of the Ministry of Finance to exchange some types of documents, including driver’s licenses, online. Accordingly, users need to prepare some necessary documents.


Specifically, to change a driver’s license online, the person doing it needs to prepare the following things: an account on the national public service portal or a level 2 VNeID account, a double-sided scan of the current driver’s license. or citizen identification card, electronic health examination certificate or electronic health examination certificate (PDF file), 3×4 blue background portrait photo file.

Next, the driver’s license service user performs the following steps in the following order:

  • Access the national service portal at: dichvucong.gov.vn
  • Select Online Public Services and search for the keyword “change driver’s license”.
  • Select the implementing unit, select province/city, department and press “agree”.
  • When the interface switches to the selected driver’s license exchange public service portal, press the “submit online” button and log in to your account.
  • Complete all requested information on the page or follow the instructions and press the register button.
  • After the appointment is confirmed, you need to arrange it at the scheduled time and bring your citizen identification card or passport (for foreigners) for comparison, and at the same time bring all the documents to complete the appointment. Change your driver’s license.

In terms of cost, the fee for issuing and renewing an online driving license is now only 115 thousand VND/time instead of 135 thousand VND as before. This is a preferential level to encourage the use of online public services of the Ministry of Finance lasting from the beginning of December 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025.


Previously, on July 1, 2020, the online driver’s license exchange service was implemented and deployed nationwide on November 14, 2022. But according to the most recent figures, as of March 2023, there are currently only 966 applications registered online.

And before that, many large provinces and cities across the country experienced overcrowding as people lined up waiting to change their driving licenses from paper copies to hard plastic copies. According to the Vietnam Road Administration – Ministry of Transport, the whole country has about 22 million unlimited motorcycle driving licenses made of cardboard issued from 2005 to July 2012.

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